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tegan and sara: enmore theatre 8/1/09:

AWESOME! they played Superstar, which is one of my faves that they have never played live at concerts I have been to! It was sped up and amazing, and beforehand Tegan intro'd it as a song that originally been about 35 minutes long and that there had been a dance that went with it(!!!!)

also: behold the flanstache! (TM [ profile] hnix)

and the behind the scenes of Vegas and Enemy at the Gate photos we were talking about at dinner.

and that manip of the joe rachel balcony mucking around photo, now with bonus tiaras!

also also; my local wore off just before the concert, but the pain isn't too bad! I took a couple of nurafen and it seems to be okay - the sad part was I couldn't yell or sing-a-long during the concert :(

sga 5x05

Aug. 20th, 2008 12:49 pm
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sga 5x05 - Ghost in the machine: )
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I watched sga 5x04 "daedalus variations" this morning and it put me in the mood to finally watch stargate: continuum )
Also! Today while I sat around the house feeling like death warmed up(stupid cold!) I watched an ep of Dark Angel! Oh, season 1! You were the better season and yet your lack of Dark Alec means I can never love you best! and then there was an ep of Roswell with Darla from Angel in it, but it was painful so I had to turn it off.
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dudes. where is the latest ep of psych? I just accidentally casting spoiled myself for shawn's mum and now I want to watch but alas, cannot find it!

I just watched sga 5x02 "Seed"dude )

and now I iz to be watching Burn Notice.
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Childhood Friend and Token Male attended a wedding in Adelaide over the weekend. I don't know the couple getting married all that well, don't like weddings, wasn't invited, yadda yadda - but then on Friday afternoon I get a text from CF that makes me wish that I had gone:

Guess who I was on the plane with? the actual dreadlock guy from stargate atlantis!

I immediately reply with OMG DID YOU GET ME HIS AUTOGRAPH etc etc

Sorry. Didn't know who is was till too late. fuck he's hot though!

Yes. Yes he is. ::weeps for lost opportunities::

Speaking of weeping, my sunburn is at the blistering/peeling stage and is very, very gross. I now feel a kinship with Sheppard post-Conversion

I don't have a ronon icon. this makes me sad. and angry. and hungry. but mostly sad.
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Somebody on my flist posted the link to this new jason momoa official fansite and in the image gallery is the officially most cutest david and jason photo eva!. their faces! aw! and also, hee! David's all, I'm just trying to drink some water here and some big lunk picks me up and seems to think it's hilarious.
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Tonights random SG1 episode was Absolute Power. Work that evil mojo, Daniel! I had been making vaguely forward jumps season wise, but now I feel a detour must be made back to season two and Need.

Have I mentioned recently my love for [ profile] sga_flashfic? 'cause I have love. Today's love takes the form of
"Buoyancy", by Nestra, "Drown Fear in Goblets" by Brighid
and "Can't Have One Without The Other", by astolat. Mmmm McKay/Sheppard.

c'mon Battlestar! Hurry up and be on! Even with the sound muted this stupid Rebecca Gibney psychics making stuff up about crimes show is annoying! I want my robots!

Embarrassing things said by myself today(well, two of them. I'm sure there was more):
* Loudly, in a crowded food court after dropping my chocolate muffin; "SHHHHIVERS!" Because I am, in fact, 10 years old.
* Tonight, alone in my unit waiting for the light to turn on and it taking a little while longer than usual; "Turn on! Come on!" ::light turns on:: "Yes! Clearly I possess the gene of the Ancients! Go me!"

Finish you stupid show!


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