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ABC3, why so awesome? I had heard good things about the clone wars cartoon and they are showing it on ABC3 on weeknights, and it is good? I know! I am shocked too! I can only assume george lucas doesn't even drive by where they make it, thus fulfilling the adage that the better star wars is the less george lucas has to do with it.

And now The Avengers cartoon is on!

just prior to sinpoz I started re-reading my fave steve/tony(that's captain america/iron man to you, [ profile] alasen not like, hawaii five-0/tony di nozzo, but, huh, I would read that!) because has been posting and writing some stuff, and talking to [ profile] arysteia, is making me want to watch/read more canon.

prior to this the only issue of the avengers I have read is annual #10(first appearance of Rogue!), anyone have any suggestions on where to start? I am in the process of...obtaining Ultimate Avengers, but [ profile] blademistress was telling me Ult!Cap is a dick? Should I read Civil War? is there enough Civil War fixit fic to make it worthwhile?

I saw the 5 hardcover volumes of Civil War in kinos last thurs with [ profile] pollymel, but my ipad is MADE FOR COMICS. I downloaded the bookman app for ipad last night and tested it out(instead of sleeping!) with issues of middleman, looking forward to testing more out!

oooh! they just found cap in the ice! hah, this theme song is lamesome! awesolame? something like that.
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hey sinden - the marvel/dc thing I was talking about is here - the ones I was talking about in particular are the Wolverine (Deadpool) and Watchmen and the Wolverine Heroes and Watchmen Heroes. It's the theme song that I especially love! also worth watching is the Marvel/DC/Terminator Salvation Parody and the Marvel/DC/Star Trek Parody.

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just added a new feed to a blog of a guy who does hilarious postings of vintage dc comics with added commentary - post modern barney. The feed name for lj is [ profile] postmobarney. I think this one is my fave so far.

also, I believe it is new years eve! Happy New Year and stuff!
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I'm starting a data entry job on Monday, yay money! so I have been lazing around the house guilt-free the last few days. I went on a mini-doctor who kick; I've been craving to watch some s2 and so dl'd 'school reunion', 'age of steel' and 'army of ghosts' and 'doomsday' Yay Rose! and then Doomsday put me in the mood for 'Runaway Bride' so I watched 'Smith and Jones' while acquiring RB. I still like you least Martha, but watching S&J reminded me I don't actually hate you(except for when you get fishy snorkel mouthed aliens killed for no good reason).

In between DW i went to the shops yesterday and got some awesome sale clothes at Mexx - a nice pair of grey pants for work and a grey top with a high collar and a scoopy neck thing. I am trying a new thing - buying clothes that are not black. Or if they are black, they are not allowed to be ring-neck t-shirts.

Also, Iron Man rocks - I started out the week reading the ton of movie based fanfic that has been sprouting, but then somehow I ended up reading this awesome Civil War fix Tony Stark(Iron Man)/Steve Rogers(Captain America) that is 1) awesome, 2) really long 3) has an amazing canon comic book background and supporting cast(seriously, as I was always more on the x-men side of the marvel universe wikipedia was my friend and I kept getting distracted).

And there were 2 sequels and the 2nd sequel is one part away from being complete and now I think I can't read iron man movie fic right now, because clearly tony's heart belongs to capt america! Start here with part 1(of 13!) of Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption by [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon

okay, back to Runaway Bride. I love s4 Donna, and when RB first aired I didn't give her a proper chance as I was still all BUT WHAT ABOUT ROSE YOU BASTARDS! so I am really enjoying rewatching.

perhaps in my copious amounts of spare time until Monday I will go see Iron Man again. Hmm.


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