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best phrase I have seen to describe succumbing to hockey fandom: stickholmed

work has been busy! I haven't had many thoughts this week, I have been watching a lot of reality tv!

last week the Vampire Diaries season finale made me cryyyyyyyy :(((

I have been re-reading fic lately, I really need to read books! but fic! it is usually the perfect length for my commute!

I am working on a pimp for Teen Wolf for sinpoz! be scared! also, if you are coming but haven'd paid/registered you should go do that!

[ profile] alasen and I are playing lego batman again, on and off, and the villain missions are cool! I think we have been re-invigorated by the fact that lego batman 2 is out next month - IT HAS LEGO SUPERMAN THERE IS ONLY AWESOME THERE.
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Watched Doctor Who on tv - was kinda rude and ignored my housemates who were trying to talk to me and I was all I AM WATCHING DOCTOR WHO NO I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT TO THE PUB SHUSH I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. doctor who 4x09 'Forest of the Dead' )

I also watched the Confidential this week, which I hardly ever do, but I really liked it and they talked about continuity a bit(including the recurring gag of the doctor liking a little shop in places).

and just now I watched bsg 4x09 'The Hub' )
Things I need to do:

* make better bsg icons!(actually, I have none except for the mst3k eggo icon that I like to use for bsg as it is a toaster joke! but I need a better one)

* watch more 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' - I was watching a whole heap of Doctor Who the last 2 days because if I leave the house I spend money and I don;t start work till monday, anyway, watched the end of s3 and timecrash was on my external hd so I thought, youtube! and it was all a timewasty blur from there. In conclusion, Simon Amstell is awesome.

* In between(or possibly afterwards) the youtubing and doctor who-ing yesterday I found this awesome game on Adult Swim: Bible Fight! IT IS AWESOME. I like to fight as Eve as she can make her snake bite people and Adam comes out of the ground and punches people for her! and she has a wicked punch! This is not technically a thing I need to do, but everyone should play this game! Mmm, sacrilegious!

* go through my Edinburgh Fringe Festival guide with a finetooth comb to see what shows I will go see: on the list already: Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne, Mort (play based on the Terry Pratchett book), Back To The Future: the Pantomime(Just because I hope I will get to shout to Doc Brown that the terrorists ARE BEHIND YOU!), Death By Chocolate: An onteractive murder mystery with a chocolate tasting(YUM!). And lots of other things!


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