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hello! I need to tell you ALL THE THINGS

* [ profile] sinpozium was a couple of weeks ago! it was great!

* my teen wolf pimp at sinpoz went well as did my vid show - I got a compliment on how I collate a vidshow and I really felt pleased by that :)

* great to see all my have kiwis at sinpoz! I shall be returning the favour whenever [ profile] get__together happens!

* went to perth to catch up with English KT my english friend who was my bestie in Vancouver! In conclusion, we are still bros, it is awesome that she lives in the same country as me again!

* you should read this fic!: "Whatever" by skoosiepants - It is a WONDERFUL original slash highschool fic, with coming out, a bit of angst, some awesome one-liners and seriously here is a sample of it's awesomeness:

Mike likes to think he’s popular, which is a good way to dive into junior year of high school. Mike’s in a sort-of band with three other popular dudes and Jason, who is barely cool by association, but they let him hang because he’s the only one who knows how to even fucking turn on the Casio. There’s all these switches and buttons, Mike always ends up getting it stuck on Extreme Gothic Organ or something.

* went to the closing night film of sydney film festival and saw "safety not guaranteed" It was really good! funny and had surprise Kristen Bell! For those who know me and my ~feelings~ about time travel, I didn't suffer a rage blackout! it was more a film about regret and other film festival film themes but I am still super happy that I went. Also, that I ate ALL THE FOOD at wagamama's beforehand

* I now have a tumblr! I am meeliesaysno mainly I reblog awesome things? IDK, still figuring tumblr out. Here is my opinion on one thing - safari on iPad HATES gifs. It resizes them to squares that cut off the text. so I played around with some apps, there aren;t that many dedicated for the iPad! the official Tumblr app is only for iPhone. The free apps are pretty rotten, so I splurged and bought Tumblita, I am liking it! My biggest tip: turn your screen to scroll through posts rather than having to select from the dashboard index. This is the article that I looked at that was pretty helpful

* also! like, the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup since I last posted! wow, I have been super slack in posting. I have been busy? and cold! I love that the true love story of Mike and Jeff being re-united has the ultimate happy ending!!

* My new job is still great! I calculated that my pay cut which was the main thing I was worried about, is actually only about $230/month. WORTH IT. SO WORTH IT.

* board games on sat night with [ profile] eponymous, [ profile] alasen and [ profile] erilyn on sat night! Lots of fun! despite getting crazy board game eyes when I got cranky! Taboo was played - turns out I do best when all clues involve Batman, and [ profile] alasen did best when we spoke in our own code:

the answer is beer:
me: this is something I like and you hate!
alasen: fun? people? alcohol?
me: more specific!
alasen: beer?
me: yes!

we still lost, but I feel we got to our winning points via a weirder, yet more satisfactory way.
the answer is beard:
me: If i was crying, this is what my tears would be!
alasen: beardy?
me: yes!

(this one only makes sense when taking hockey playoffs into account, and also the new International Sign for beardy tears that I invented a few weeks back)

* I have been watching with [ profile] alasen and occasional [ profile] gnine the Donald Strachey films! Soooo cute! Really liking it, I think the 2nd is my favourite, but I think we have one more(the 4th?) to go before I can give you my definite decision :)

* I watched Wil Wheaton's "Table Top" episode of settlers of cataan and enjoyed! I think I will need to finally by my own copy rather than relying on friends. the game review was clear and thorough while not being boring, I am looking forward to watching the reviews of games I haven't played.

* music recs!

Divide & Kreate – Dance Dreams [Eurythmics vs. Lady Gaga] It's the first dl link. I first heard this mashup in bradcpu's awesome Tron Legacy vid and eventually found a link for the mp3

now this one is a little more unusual and I am surprised I like it - it is a US football anthem re-mix - DJ Schmolli - Super Bowl Anthem [LMFAO vs. Madonna vs. Europe vs. Queen vs. House Of Pain vs. Reel 2 Real vs. Tag Team vs. MC Hammer vs. Metallica vs. White Stripes & others] It's so catchy! And the video for it is pretty good too(as long as you ignore the football?) Relatedly, here is an article about the origins of The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" as sports chant

there was a terrible mashup as well of the proclaimers, midnight oil and david guetta's "Titanium" that I thought I liked, but then realised I just liked the "Titanium" parts - the official video is also pretty awesome. It's like a songvid to a mutant/X-men character! Except it ends too soon :( WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO THE YOUNG MUTANT?? Is it wrong to want fic for a music video?

the other thing is that tegan and sara have a vaguely newish song - they do the lyrics on "Bodywork" by Morgan Page, which I kinda like? It is very much not a Tegan and Sara song, but if you like the "Feel it in My Bones" remix by Tiestro you will be more likely to like "Bodywork"? I love the Feel it in my bones as it is used in my favourite(the only?) The Vampire Diaries threesome songvid by greensilver.

* I am still reading a heap of teen wolf fic, but I am saving up the season 2 eps to strong like ox through?

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best phrase I have seen to describe succumbing to hockey fandom: stickholmed

work has been busy! I haven't had many thoughts this week, I have been watching a lot of reality tv!

last week the Vampire Diaries season finale made me cryyyyyyyy :(((

I have been re-reading fic lately, I really need to read books! but fic! it is usually the perfect length for my commute!

I am working on a pimp for Teen Wolf for sinpoz! be scared! also, if you are coming but haven'd paid/registered you should go do that!

[ profile] alasen and I are playing lego batman again, on and off, and the villain missions are cool! I think we have been re-invigorated by the fact that lego batman 2 is out next month - IT HAS LEGO SUPERMAN THERE IS ONLY AWESOME THERE.
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I'd be happier about the LA Kings sweep if I wasn't convinced that somewhere Mike Richards is celebrating by lovingly choking Jeff Carter. I guess its okay if they are both into it, but WHAT IF Jeff thinks thats the only way Mike will want him??? ALL THE FROWNS.

I have now watched the flyers/rangers road to the winter classic )

also, I now triple mega heart Scott Hartnell of the Flyers(process started when I watched his bid for NHL 13 cover athlete)

everyone even vaguely interested in teen wolf should go hence right now and read Darling It's No Joke by The Hoyden. futurefic au of AWESOMENESS:

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper. The guy is — god, he’s breathtakingly hot, and Stiles is just not this lucky in life. When he moved back to Beacon Hills after college, he had resigned himself to basically not getting laid for the two years he planned to stay.

my tv just said that avengers has had the biggest opening weekend in the US, yay hopefully this will mean even more marvel movies in the future!
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I think I would be more willing to watch the actual games if all the players were miked up like they are in the road to the winter classic! So many swears! ::chin hands::

[ profile] alasen was traumatised by Ovie's junk in the first ep and failed out, but I looked away at a crucial moment(proving that I will always be the cooler guy)

Just finished watching the 2011 penguins/caps and about to start the flyers/rangers, but I am a little worried as I knew some of the caps and penguins players from fic, I haven't read much flyers or rangers(apart from how claude giroux and danny brier were living together in french canadian bliss with danny's kids but then [ profile] alasen told me that they don't live together anymore ;_; )(and that the goalie for the rangers is henrik 'hair like a pelt' lunquivsstlotsofv'sandq's)(and that the rangers have a staaaaaal as well, wait is there a staaaaal agenda with the road to the winter classic? will 2013 be eric's year???)(actually maybe I do know enough!)

I HAD A POINT. Um, I think it was how much I enjoyed the first show! and the music was excellent! and how frustrated I am that googling doesn't get me a comprehensive listing of all the tracks used in all the eps. Has anyone got a complete list?

Caught up with fangirls yesterday at slashers up with other slashers? Good to see peeps! Sorry if I yelled at anyone! Or made fun of their fandom choices! Wait, I'm not sorry about that second one! ;P

I did say that I would make a hockey player attractive post at some point, like, one that is (supposedly) objective and one that is subjective! Like, ranking them according to ME! the problem I see with this is that objective vs subjective is harrrrrd. like, the russians! they are for the most part objectively fug, yet so adorbs! Also rookies. They are cute, but also they are fetus(fetuii?) and therefore there is an edge of wronginess. like i said, harrrrrrrd.

today I am CLEANING ALL THE THINGS. or at least, cleaning things until I get bored and sit around and read fanfic, so you know, 20% cleaning, 80% fanfic reading. As it should be.
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I just pinned this but it is worth repeating:

The hottest players in the NHL

this is the best argument for hockey attractive vs actually attractive ever. Like, there seems to be people who are conventionally good looking ranked way lower due to them not being as awesome a hockey player. And vice versa, as there are people on this list at which I go, Really? REALLY?? I am looking at you Dan Girardi.

Although the crazy voices inside my mind are all, "They couldn't have found a better photo of letang? Wait, I don't even like long hair, what is my life"

Geno's hit on Sidney Crosby

and Ovie's failed hit on Chara
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what's that you say friends list? you are wanting a 200k story about Alexander Ovechkin and a Pittsburgh Penguin who isn't Sidney Crosby? Have I got the story for you! I would like to recommend to you the Snuggling With The Enemy series by rekishi. It starts with a hookup at the All star weekend and continues with lots of Ovie hijinx and schmoop and is awesome. I have read the whole thing and I would like to say to those who may have concerns, there are no animals harmed in this fic! You will end up knowing more about the Pens and Caps than you wanted too, maybe, but it is all good!

If you need more, here is Kris Letang's wiki entry(someone likes him! so many photos, check out the hair shot especially!) and the man himself, if you need a visual cue:

uh, maybe don't look up what Ovie looks like. You'll thank me. Instead I was going to give you a gif of him being adorable and pretending to swim after getting tripped on a cable but I can't find it :( anyone??

Oh and one of the parts has a hilarious STAAL adventure in it! and sidney being a robot! and many other awesome things! read it!


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