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I'd be happier about the LA Kings sweep if I wasn't convinced that somewhere Mike Richards is celebrating by lovingly choking Jeff Carter. I guess its okay if they are both into it, but WHAT IF Jeff thinks thats the only way Mike will want him??? ALL THE FROWNS.

I have now watched the flyers/rangers road to the winter classic )

also, I now triple mega heart Scott Hartnell of the Flyers(process started when I watched his bid for NHL 13 cover athlete)

everyone even vaguely interested in teen wolf should go hence right now and read Darling It's No Joke by The Hoyden. futurefic au of AWESOMENESS:

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper. The guy is — god, he’s breathtakingly hot, and Stiles is just not this lucky in life. When he moved back to Beacon Hills after college, he had resigned himself to basically not getting laid for the two years he planned to stay.

my tv just said that avengers has had the biggest opening weekend in the US, yay hopefully this will mean even more marvel movies in the future!
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hey guys! i am having such a lazy sunday! well, now I am watching the masterchef finale(guilty pleasure! also, it makes me want to cook real food) but I slept in and then stayed in bed until the pm and then stuffed around on the internet until I made myself leave the house to get something to eat(lately my body has been telling my head I am not hungry while at the same time giving me headaches and making me feel like a hypoglycemic rodney mckay and yet I am not hungry!) and went to a cafe up the road as a treat as I didn't want to make anything. at this cafe:
1) I seated myself and had to wait for a menu
2) after I got my menu and started making 'i want to order' faces I still waited and then had to tell the waitress I wanted to order; she thought I was waiting for someone. No! and she didn't ask for my drinks order!
3) my pancakes came out fast, along with my coffee, BUT NO KNIFE!

but the food was okay, so my head settled down but my stomach was still denying that it was hungry so I didn't clear my plate. got some groceries from the local IGA, called my mum and then played A LOT of echo bazaar. you guys, it is addictive and KOL-esque and awesome.

I also spent some time reading Inception fic - I have already recced a couple on my delicious. Speaking on Inception, [ profile] alasen and I saw it yesterday afternoon and I really liked it. I have questions and confusion but pretty! and smart! and CONFUSING! but good! I will speak no more as not to spoil, but I only spoke twice during the movie(I judge a movie by how often I talk to the person seeing the movie with me making my own jokes to improve mst3k style!) first time was to say I'M SO CONFUSED and second was to rub 2 fingers together indicating the fact that 2 characters should make out IMMEDIATELY.

it has the meelie seal of approval!

what else? Okay, i finally started reading books again(drawback of iphone - I stopped reading my real books!) I would love to do decent book reviews but I am really bad at describing why i like books! anyway, just so I don't forget:

booooks )
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I am sure there are other things I could be doing with my time, but currently listening to Chameleon Circuit, which is a band who has written a whole heap of songs about Doctor Who, is feeling like a pretty good choice. I rec this to people who enjoy Harry and the Potters nerdy fanboy style songs, and like Doctor Who(of course):

Sally Sparrow I wrote you a letter to make you feel better about the fact that I'm gone.
I may be stuck in the past but my future is vast don't go looking for me girl, you've got to go on
don't think he's talking to you he's just on the tv
well look past the easter egg and see the reality
the angels are approaching and the front door is locked
so don't blink

Blink by Chameleon Circuit
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ow ow ow, my jaw REALLY hurts when I move it today! so much worse than yesterday! but painkillers are my friend!

Seeing Commander Ford in an old ep of ncis as an fbi agent made me start reminiscing about seaQuest - am I the only person who remembers how cracked out some of their eps were? Like the one when they found GOD in the bottom of the sea in a trench? or the one where they went super-far into the future and there was only a boy and a girl left and they spent all their time fighting each other in giant mecha? Good times, good times. I recorded eps onto vhs but abandoned the tapes in my last move - it's all on dvd now, I told myself, one day you will own it! ONE DAY!

sigh. I will read some more yuletide(eventually I will have a superlong list of recs that probably everyone will have already read - I'm not even [ profile] meelie_says-ing them as there are too many!)

here, have one awesome rec though - brimstone, which I also used to record off tv, but it was on at the same time as another show I taped(trek maybe?) so I would only ever catch the last 3/4 of the eps. I should get that on dvd as well! wait, back to the rec: it's brimstone and super-long and awesome and is crossover-y(but I wont spoil it for you) and it really brings home that zeke is in a lot of ways similar to the escapees he's tracking down. 26 Views of Mount Meggido by mikeneko for Angie.
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Yo, [ profile] sinbrat, here's that sibling "couch shopping" Numb3rs fic I mentioned before:
Lost Boys
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All you RayK loving people have seen [ profile] astolat's amazing vid Zebra, right? If not, get ye hence, for it is of the most excellent.


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