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random things of random:

* things I loved as a child but hate now: being under railway bridges as a train goes over - when I was little it was awesome(especially if we were driving under it as it went over) but now it just freaks me out.

* things I hated as a child but love now: hot Milo made with boiling water and a little bit of milk - when we were little my brothers and I were babysat by a lovely woman who we held only one thing against: she made us hot milo with water instead of all milk and in the microwave like we did at home. Being an adult now(kinda) I realise that my family having a microwave was the exception and not the rule and that my stinker brothers and I should have been nicer about the whole hot water+milo thing. But I've been drinking it that way recently, and I like it!

I watched the american remake of The Grudge last night and it was nowhere near as scary as Ju-on. Sure, it made more sense, and who doesn't like watching americans in japan(wearing a lot of white coloured clothing actually - I pondered for a moment if it was a subtle pun on their doom but then I realised that it wasn't that smart) being murdered by a vengeful spirit, but the original is superior. Still, this morning I was dreaming about Kayako killing someone but instead of screams, instead her victim was beeping. Which was my alarm going off.

and! a poll! I was going to wait till I had a fourth, but still haven;t thought of one(tell me in comments if you have any suggestions!)

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