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hey guys! i am having such a lazy sunday! well, now I am watching the masterchef finale(guilty pleasure! also, it makes me want to cook real food) but I slept in and then stayed in bed until the pm and then stuffed around on the internet until I made myself leave the house to get something to eat(lately my body has been telling my head I am not hungry while at the same time giving me headaches and making me feel like a hypoglycemic rodney mckay and yet I am not hungry!) and went to a cafe up the road as a treat as I didn't want to make anything. at this cafe:
1) I seated myself and had to wait for a menu
2) after I got my menu and started making 'i want to order' faces I still waited and then had to tell the waitress I wanted to order; she thought I was waiting for someone. No! and she didn't ask for my drinks order!
3) my pancakes came out fast, along with my coffee, BUT NO KNIFE!

but the food was okay, so my head settled down but my stomach was still denying that it was hungry so I didn't clear my plate. got some groceries from the local IGA, called my mum and then played A LOT of echo bazaar. you guys, it is addictive and KOL-esque and awesome.

I also spent some time reading Inception fic - I have already recced a couple on my delicious. Speaking on Inception, [ profile] alasen and I saw it yesterday afternoon and I really liked it. I have questions and confusion but pretty! and smart! and CONFUSING! but good! I will speak no more as not to spoil, but I only spoke twice during the movie(I judge a movie by how often I talk to the person seeing the movie with me making my own jokes to improve mst3k style!) first time was to say I'M SO CONFUSED and second was to rub 2 fingers together indicating the fact that 2 characters should make out IMMEDIATELY.

it has the meelie seal of approval!

what else? Okay, i finally started reading books again(drawback of iphone - I stopped reading my real books!) I would love to do decent book reviews but I am really bad at describing why i like books! anyway, just so I don't forget:

booooks )
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god, how I wish the badly singing teenage boys with an acoustic guitar would SHUT THE FUCK UP!

work related, the program that we use at my work is a syphilitic crack whore of a system. Okay, maybe the program(which will remain nameless in this post) isn't strictly to blame, the stupid IT people who put in a change recently(in 2 related systems) and have fucked up my job for the last 2 weeks are syphilitic crack whores.

To burn the pain of my job out of my brain I have been reading more romances. I am on a romance kick. I don't expect it to last much longer. I read another vampire romance yesterday(so bad, and yet, not a duck-hunter book!) and a Julia Quinn book today(no mallet of death though, so only so-so). The vampire romance was one of maggie shayne's wings of the night books that I found in target for 20c and clearly, it was worth every cent. This chick, who is half-human, half vampire has blood that can make you practically immortal and gets knocked up by a vampire who should be sterile, because her insides are so potent it brought his sperm back to life. dude. I had to desperately try not to break into hysterics on the train. let me quote you the badness:
"...I believe that when your sperm cells entered her body, they were...healed. Revivified by that slight healing energy she's always possessed. They were brought back to life. She made you fertile again. Probably only with her though."


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