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ow ow ow, my jaw REALLY hurts when I move it today! so much worse than yesterday! but painkillers are my friend!

Seeing Commander Ford in an old ep of ncis as an fbi agent made me start reminiscing about seaQuest - am I the only person who remembers how cracked out some of their eps were? Like the one when they found GOD in the bottom of the sea in a trench? or the one where they went super-far into the future and there was only a boy and a girl left and they spent all their time fighting each other in giant mecha? Good times, good times. I recorded eps onto vhs but abandoned the tapes in my last move - it's all on dvd now, I told myself, one day you will own it! ONE DAY!

sigh. I will read some more yuletide(eventually I will have a superlong list of recs that probably everyone will have already read - I'm not even [ profile] meelie_says-ing them as there are too many!)

here, have one awesome rec though - brimstone, which I also used to record off tv, but it was on at the same time as another show I taped(trek maybe?) so I would only ever catch the last 3/4 of the eps. I should get that on dvd as well! wait, back to the rec: it's brimstone and super-long and awesome and is crossover-y(but I wont spoil it for you) and it really brings home that zeke is in a lot of ways similar to the escapees he's tracking down. 26 Views of Mount Meggido by mikeneko for Angie.
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tegan and sara: enmore theatre 8/1/09:

AWESOME! they played Superstar, which is one of my faves that they have never played live at concerts I have been to! It was sped up and amazing, and beforehand Tegan intro'd it as a song that originally been about 35 minutes long and that there had been a dance that went with it(!!!!)

also: behold the flanstache! (TM [ profile] hnix)

and the behind the scenes of Vegas and Enemy at the Gate photos we were talking about at dinner.

and that manip of the joe rachel balcony mucking around photo, now with bonus tiaras!

also also; my local wore off just before the concert, but the pain isn't too bad! I took a couple of nurafen and it seems to be okay - the sad part was I couldn't yell or sing-a-long during the concert :(


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