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hello! I need to tell you ALL THE THINGS

* [ profile] sinpozium was a couple of weeks ago! it was great!

* my teen wolf pimp at sinpoz went well as did my vid show - I got a compliment on how I collate a vidshow and I really felt pleased by that :)

* great to see all my have kiwis at sinpoz! I shall be returning the favour whenever [ profile] get__together happens!

* went to perth to catch up with English KT my english friend who was my bestie in Vancouver! In conclusion, we are still bros, it is awesome that she lives in the same country as me again!

* you should read this fic!: "Whatever" by skoosiepants - It is a WONDERFUL original slash highschool fic, with coming out, a bit of angst, some awesome one-liners and seriously here is a sample of it's awesomeness:

Mike likes to think he’s popular, which is a good way to dive into junior year of high school. Mike’s in a sort-of band with three other popular dudes and Jason, who is barely cool by association, but they let him hang because he’s the only one who knows how to even fucking turn on the Casio. There’s all these switches and buttons, Mike always ends up getting it stuck on Extreme Gothic Organ or something.

* went to the closing night film of sydney film festival and saw "safety not guaranteed" It was really good! funny and had surprise Kristen Bell! For those who know me and my ~feelings~ about time travel, I didn't suffer a rage blackout! it was more a film about regret and other film festival film themes but I am still super happy that I went. Also, that I ate ALL THE FOOD at wagamama's beforehand

* I now have a tumblr! I am meeliesaysno mainly I reblog awesome things? IDK, still figuring tumblr out. Here is my opinion on one thing - safari on iPad HATES gifs. It resizes them to squares that cut off the text. so I played around with some apps, there aren;t that many dedicated for the iPad! the official Tumblr app is only for iPhone. The free apps are pretty rotten, so I splurged and bought Tumblita, I am liking it! My biggest tip: turn your screen to scroll through posts rather than having to select from the dashboard index. This is the article that I looked at that was pretty helpful

* also! like, the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup since I last posted! wow, I have been super slack in posting. I have been busy? and cold! I love that the true love story of Mike and Jeff being re-united has the ultimate happy ending!!

* My new job is still great! I calculated that my pay cut which was the main thing I was worried about, is actually only about $230/month. WORTH IT. SO WORTH IT.

* board games on sat night with [ profile] eponymous, [ profile] alasen and [ profile] erilyn on sat night! Lots of fun! despite getting crazy board game eyes when I got cranky! Taboo was played - turns out I do best when all clues involve Batman, and [ profile] alasen did best when we spoke in our own code:

the answer is beer:
me: this is something I like and you hate!
alasen: fun? people? alcohol?
me: more specific!
alasen: beer?
me: yes!

we still lost, but I feel we got to our winning points via a weirder, yet more satisfactory way.
the answer is beard:
me: If i was crying, this is what my tears would be!
alasen: beardy?
me: yes!

(this one only makes sense when taking hockey playoffs into account, and also the new International Sign for beardy tears that I invented a few weeks back)

* I have been watching with [ profile] alasen and occasional [ profile] gnine the Donald Strachey films! Soooo cute! Really liking it, I think the 2nd is my favourite, but I think we have one more(the 4th?) to go before I can give you my definite decision :)

* I watched Wil Wheaton's "Table Top" episode of settlers of cataan and enjoyed! I think I will need to finally by my own copy rather than relying on friends. the game review was clear and thorough while not being boring, I am looking forward to watching the reviews of games I haven't played.

* music recs!

Divide & Kreate – Dance Dreams [Eurythmics vs. Lady Gaga] It's the first dl link. I first heard this mashup in bradcpu's awesome Tron Legacy vid and eventually found a link for the mp3

now this one is a little more unusual and I am surprised I like it - it is a US football anthem re-mix - DJ Schmolli - Super Bowl Anthem [LMFAO vs. Madonna vs. Europe vs. Queen vs. House Of Pain vs. Reel 2 Real vs. Tag Team vs. MC Hammer vs. Metallica vs. White Stripes & others] It's so catchy! And the video for it is pretty good too(as long as you ignore the football?) Relatedly, here is an article about the origins of The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" as sports chant

there was a terrible mashup as well of the proclaimers, midnight oil and david guetta's "Titanium" that I thought I liked, but then realised I just liked the "Titanium" parts - the official video is also pretty awesome. It's like a songvid to a mutant/X-men character! Except it ends too soon :( WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TO THE YOUNG MUTANT?? Is it wrong to want fic for a music video?

the other thing is that tegan and sara have a vaguely newish song - they do the lyrics on "Bodywork" by Morgan Page, which I kinda like? It is very much not a Tegan and Sara song, but if you like the "Feel it in My Bones" remix by Tiestro you will be more likely to like "Bodywork"? I love the Feel it in my bones as it is used in my favourite(the only?) The Vampire Diaries threesome songvid by greensilver.

* I am still reading a heap of teen wolf fic, but I am saving up the season 2 eps to strong like ox through?

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ugh, something in my kitchen smells. I really don't want to find out what.

morning trauma: I don't put my glasses on until after i am conscious but I often put the kettle on first, usually while brushing my teeth(don't ask). This morning I walked to the kitchen, put on the kettle, and on my way back to finish brushing my teeth I noticed that I had stepped on something as I could feel it through my sleep socks. you guys IT WAS A COCKROACH. it was the worst.

I had to throw out the socks, otherwise anytime I put any socks on i would have the lingering thought THESE ARE COCKROACH SOCKS.

happy weekend peeps!
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had a good day today, despite having time related anxieties(eg food taking too long WE HAVE TO GET TO THE CINEMA ON TIME WHAT IF THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME THEY START AT THE ADVERTISED TIME PS I NEED TO PEE)

Met Childhood Friend and her work friend D at the MCA steps to get the free ferry over to Cockatoo island to see the Biennale installation artworks - some really interesting works! I really liked the exploding car piece

and there was an AMAZING video piece with huge screens showing 3 different scenes or 'parts' in the round with classical music playing. AES+F :The Feast of Trimalchio.

Creepiest was the G8 "summit" piece which was horribly lifelike wax figures dead communist leaders in glass coffins, including a BREATHING wax version of Fidal Castro who is in a hospital bed, not in a glass box - seriously, you walk up to him and then you hear this noise and you lean closer and you HEAR HIM BREATHING and then you notice that HIS BEARD IS MOVING and HIS CHEST IS MOVING UP AND DOWN. still! it could have been a real person laying there instead of fakery, but still CREEPY AS FUCK. and the piano slave which will freak you the fuck out when the piano is found guilty and is dropped from the gallows.

and then, ferry back to walsh bay(as D was feeling seasick) and a walk to pyrmont and food at Grill'd, which was delicious, but took AGES and I was watching the clock and watching the clock and getting a little worried that we would be late to the IMAX. so we ate, and powerwalked through the HUGE crowds at darling harbour(seriously, today was a gorgeous day and the Boat Show was on - we saw the stupid jess 'ella' pink boat from the top of the bridge) and got there to join the line to enter(assigned seating and there is still a line!) - managed to pee and then go in to get our seats, packed cinema, and NOTE TO SELF: row H is okay, but don't get anything further forward than that.

I think I picked up more on the 2nd go through, noticed more things and got more out of it. I could still happily watch it 4 more times! I have come to my personal inception conclusion SPOILERS!!! )

I am going to eat dinner and read some more arthur/eames. arthur/eames mmmmm

PS - the ladies next to me were impressed with arthur and eames, perhaps I was sitting next to SECRET SLASHERS? and childhood friend said that she liked the english one :)
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because it's 5.40pm and I am still at work, so I can read my email and catch up on lj. I am currently at skip=165.

Tomorrow(not today;) is my Birthday! Yay me! I have already had a pre-birthday gathering on Sat night, as my birthday is unkind enough to be on a Tuesday this year. I received mostly dvds. Yay!

I bought new frames yesterday and put them in for lenses at the place near my work. they said they will have them for me tomorrow or Wed, which is why I love the place near my work! Fast!

I resisted the urge to call the Apple repair shop today, as I didn't want to hear bad news. I will call them tomorrow, and if the news is bad the blow will be lessened by cake, and if the news is good, it will be because of good birthday karma.

In the long stretches of my weekend that were not filled with presents dinner and buying things in Westfields, I watched dvds. I hired "the princess and the warrior" a German film by some of the same people who did 'Run, Lola, Run' but it was disappointing :( It was one of the movies where I like nearly all of the elements but hate how they are combined. Made me wish I could re-make it.

I also hired "Ginger Snaps". Now I need to hire the sequels.
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Pretty often, not every morning, but often, I buy a Spring Valley juice of some kind. It's my favourite juice, it comes in a glass bottle and the inside of the lid contains 'Liddle Facts', stupid random facts that range from the bizarre(about animals usually) to the self promoting(about how you can splash Spring Valley juice in water to add flavour!). Todays Liddle Fact is:
No. 102: Fish can drown.

Today, I forgot my lunch at home after getting up early to make it, I got rained on on my way to the train station, when the train arrived at the station water sluiced off the front as it arrived at the platform and soaked me and today, oh today, I have to take my iBook in for service a-fucking-gain. At least this time I'm pretty sure it's not the logic board. Yeah, this time I'm pretty sure it's something worse.

and it's only 8.20am. and it's Monday. Dammit.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] alasen! Of course, I've already wished you happy birthday in person, but it's not real until it's on the internet :)

In other news, easter was easter-y with the traditional eating too much chocolate bunny till i feel ill, wait, I've only got the feet and ears to go, oh, I've finished but at what cost? etc etc.

yesterday was public holiday-y with a slight non-working iBook problem in the evening(but it's better now) but in order to while those iBook hours away I watched me some random sg1 episodes. The Fifth Race - Has anyone even *tried* to re-create ancientknowledge!Jack's ZPM-like power source that he created from ordinary household SGC items he found lying around? I'm just sayin'. There was even a helpful diagram! Tin Man aw. robot woobies! Urgo "Woof?"

also, apparently, if you call someone and make a darth vader doll say through the phone "You don't know the *power* of the dark side" you should announce in advance that it is, in fact, a prank call, in order to avoid confusion :P
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Went horseriding yesterday with the ex-housemate posse(plus one boy), and I am sore. Today, I am walking like House, but without the cane and the Wilson elbow rubbing benefits. And my arms and shoulders are achey. But! The actual riding was fun - the last riding I did was four years ago, when I worked as a camp counsellor and we took the girls to a stable 3 times a week. Had lots of fun, even the part were we were unsure if we were going the right way or not *g* And I got to drive us part of the way home! Got in some good freeway driving practice.

and now, Desperate Housewives!
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I begin my narrative of what I have been up to lately(that was non-stargate related, because checking back that's pretty much the only thing I've been posting about lately) with the fact that I got up at a reasonable hour this morning walked up to the framing place to put 2 posters in to get framed, then stopped off at a garage sale and bought 2 pieces of probably not very good quality crystal(cheap! but pretty!) and a spiffy little decorative ashtray(not that I smoke, see above, re: pretty). Score!

Around 1.30pm, Married Friend came by after finishing work and we went for a driving lesson! Her car was strange to get used to after learning solely on the driving school's car, but I got used to it and we tooled around for an hour before hitting the Westfield to buy another friend a bday present and have some lunch. I ordered a vanilla milkshake 'heavy on the vanilla' and felt very noir, until the guy came back with it and called it a 'double shot' and then I just felt pretentious. Got home four-ish and have been doing a whole lot of nothing much - watched the rest of the second season of West Wing and omg, Two Cathedrals, OMG. I would say that I had a tv-gasm, but that sounds rather tasteless.

Now New Hope is one telly, and while not my favourite(*cough*EMPIRE!*cough*), a slight pleasure is gained by watching it through a prequel filter and thinking about what a machiavellian bastard Obi-Wan can be at times. I watched the new long Episode III trailer this morning, and it looks like it wont suck too much, but I have much faith in the ability of George Lucas to fuck it up royally.

Going back to last week, I saw the Goodies (Still A)live in concert last Saturday. I didn't end up going to the pre-show yum cha gathering that was organised, and while I waited at the steps at Town Hall for people, reading [ profile] astolat's Stargate:Atlantis story 'Transcendental', this part in fact )

When I heard a voice behind me say; "What's a F-15?" I turned to discover a dreadlocked man sitting immediately behind me looking over my shoulder at my palm.

Meelie: It's a plane, a jet.
Dreadlocked Guy: You know someone with a jet?
M: No, it's, uh, a story.
DG: Oh. See, I just saw you there reading and I know it's nosy, but I can't help wanting to see what other people are reading!
M: You're right. It's nosy.
::glares at him till he gets the idea and moves away::

Then I realised that the next sentence, immediately after the jet part was )
Um, yeah.
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not dead, yet I kinda wish I was. A more detailed update later, but for now, I will tell you we are now down to 3 bridemaids from 4, I am still sick and feel weak as a kitten, I have been to work for only half of one day this week so far, and my dress still isn't finished.

In between the dying and the dressmaking, I have watched a whole heap of House M.D(which rocks but sometimes is kinda gross with the medical stuff) and Battlestar Galactica mini series which rocks hardcore and I like Starbuck(a lot "") and I need to watch the series now.


Feb. 1st, 2005 07:30 pm
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I was late for work this morning. By, oh, 3 HOURS. Because I am an idiot and when I went to bed last night, didn't put the alarm on all the way. If my alarm doesn't goes off in the morning, I don't wake up. So I sorta blearily looked at the clock, thinking, huh shouldn't the alarm have gone off by now and it was 10.30 and I freaked out. IT'S TUESDAY! screams my brain YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT WORK 2 HOURS AGO! and then I grab my mobile to find my work number and apologise profusely. The phone turns itself off. I turn it back on, and swear. a lot. and then as I'm looking for my number, it rings. It's work. Checking if I'm okay. Because I am a responsible person, they thought maybe something had happened to me. I apologise and say I will be there soon. I run around, throw clothes on, run out the door.

Luckily by the time I got in, nearly everyone was too busy to make fun of me beyond "Have a nice sleep in, did you?"

The really sad part is, this isn't the first time. At least I didn't think it was Saturday this time.

and then I was late for my driving lesson, for I forgot that we moved to forward from 6.30 to 6pm. Sigh. But my lesson went really well! My turning is much improved, and today I reverse parked successfully! 'if I had done it in a test I would have passed' successfully!
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that would be me. I thought I had a driving lesson tonight, turns out it's next Tuesday. I am the queen of idiots. anyway. apart from that bit of idiocy, I got my prescription sunglasses today(fastest prescription sunglasses ever! eye appointment on friday, glasses tuesday! I will be doing all my essential optical shopping from this place in the future!), and my new sunnies are bad ass. Work has been moderately terrible today, but tomorrow! Tomorrow is a public holiday! Yay Australia day! I plan on sleeping! Lots!

I finished "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" today, you know, that book that everyone is reading? I liked it. Started slow, but the last 200 or so pages were making me wish I could leave work and finish it right away. But it is such a big book. It is such a big book that when people see you with it they feel compelled to tell you how big a book it is. and ask you how long you have been reading it. and what it is about. To which I reply shut up! It's a good bit! or rather I would if I had any guts. If I had any guts I would have shouted at the kindly looking Mediterranean gentleman who started talking to me while I was waiting for the train on Saturday. He poked my arm, feeling my muscles and declared me strong. and then asked if I had a fella. and where I was born. and many other things. to which I thought to myself this would never have happened if you had you iPod headphones in, but oh, no you were too busy reading! idiot!

and then I burned him to a fiery crisp with the unholy powers of my mind. or I got on the train. one of those.


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