hey hey! it was my last day at my job today! I am now officially unemployed! I will be taking a sanity day tomorrow and then on monday start proper job hunting, or at least registering with Temp agencies. Bring on the next thing!

in other news! I am in hockey fandom now? yeah, I don't know. It happened. and I am enjoying it? It's hard to stick to OTP's though. Apart from Dunc 'n Seabs. Dunc and Seabs FOREVER.

Saw [ profile] hnix last night! Awwww [ profile] hnix!! I have missed you! I have missed making you cry with laughter! My only regret is that perhaps I will not be able to make you choke on a drink with laughter before you go back to your cats!

other other things! I was telling people about the things! a couple of these are on my pinboard - you can follow me on pinboard(if you shell out the $! same name over there as here) or you can follow my rss feed.

* a history of american television as told by puppets - from the lone ranger to jersey shore! forgettable show with a great theme song! So many law and orders!

* the TED talk I was telling people about - the power of introverts - a really interesting speech about what introverts bring to the table, how they work and how currently our culture pushes introverts into trying to be extroverts.

* if you are only going to read one hockey rpf - my recommendation is Heart in Hand - this is the first major hockey story I read(I think the first official hockey story I read was that krazy kaner yuletide story from a few years ago) and I can 100% tell you that you do not need as much knowledge to read this as you do for other fics in the fandom. Sid had realized very early on that for better or worse, he would be linked to Alexander Ovechkin for the rest of his life. But he never expected anything like this.

* Clint/Coulson epic story - Disclosures. Long(67k!), really good, and plotty clint/coulson. What I really liked was the show and not tell, especially in the first half of the story. BUT! if you are triggery for stuff, make sure to check the tags.
Phil Coulson is miserable, distrusted by most of SHIELD, and still doesn't remember why.

It's only going to get worse before it gets better.
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I am totally not reading my reading page on dreamwidth. If i was inclined, maybe I would set up a circle/filter/something so I could just read the peeps I know aren't crossposting everything to lj. BUT I AM LAZY!

in other news, the mp3 I stole my ringtone from is playing on my ipod dock and it is very hard to stop myself getting up and finding my phone.

in other other news: I was reading a ton of due south this past week(well, until my bookmooched romance showed up yesterday) and I totally want the due south/dead zone fusion where ray k is all awesome and like fraser is some kind of moosh of walt/sarah. IT WOULD BE AWESOME. Do not make ray kick you in the head with HIS PSYCHIC POWERS.

here is a rec: last night i stayed up too late reading this torchwood fic in which Ianto loses the last 4 years of his memory - The Theory of Two Centres. Links to all parts at the end of the first.
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Um. I don't write fic but this idea got in my head after watching Batlestar Galactica 4x10 "Revelations". It vaguely relates to something in the episode, but not really in a spoilery way. I choose to blame the pseudoephedrine I took this morning for my sinus headache.

Original Character(kinda), unbetaed, gen, short: 'Kingdom Come' )

notes, explanations )
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I'm starting a data entry job on Monday, yay money! so I have been lazing around the house guilt-free the last few days. I went on a mini-doctor who kick; I've been craving to watch some s2 and so dl'd 'school reunion', 'age of steel' and 'army of ghosts' and 'doomsday' Yay Rose! and then Doomsday put me in the mood for 'Runaway Bride' so I watched 'Smith and Jones' while acquiring RB. I still like you least Martha, but watching S&J reminded me I don't actually hate you(except for when you get fishy snorkel mouthed aliens killed for no good reason).

In between DW i went to the shops yesterday and got some awesome sale clothes at Mexx - a nice pair of grey pants for work and a grey top with a high collar and a scoopy neck thing. I am trying a new thing - buying clothes that are not black. Or if they are black, they are not allowed to be ring-neck t-shirts.

Also, Iron Man rocks - I started out the week reading the ton of movie based fanfic that has been sprouting, but then somehow I ended up reading this awesome Civil War fix Tony Stark(Iron Man)/Steve Rogers(Captain America) that is 1) awesome, 2) really long 3) has an amazing canon comic book background and supporting cast(seriously, as I was always more on the x-men side of the marvel universe wikipedia was my friend and I kept getting distracted).

And there were 2 sequels and the 2nd sequel is one part away from being complete and now I think I can't read iron man movie fic right now, because clearly tony's heart belongs to capt america! Start here with part 1(of 13!) of Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption by [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon

okay, back to Runaway Bride. I love s4 Donna, and when RB first aired I didn't give her a proper chance as I was still all BUT WHAT ABOUT ROSE YOU BASTARDS! so I am really enjoying rewatching.

perhaps in my copious amounts of spare time until Monday I will go see Iron Man again. Hmm.
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Tonights random SG1 episode was Absolute Power. Work that evil mojo, Daniel! I had been making vaguely forward jumps season wise, but now I feel a detour must be made back to season two and Need.

Have I mentioned recently my love for [ profile] sga_flashfic? 'cause I have love. Today's love takes the form of
"Buoyancy", by Nestra, "Drown Fear in Goblets" by Brighid
and "Can't Have One Without The Other", by astolat. Mmmm McKay/Sheppard.

c'mon Battlestar! Hurry up and be on! Even with the sound muted this stupid Rebecca Gibney psychics making stuff up about crimes show is annoying! I want my robots!

Embarrassing things said by myself today(well, two of them. I'm sure there was more):
* Loudly, in a crowded food court after dropping my chocolate muffin; "SHHHHIVERS!" Because I am, in fact, 10 years old.
* Tonight, alone in my unit waiting for the light to turn on and it taking a little while longer than usual; "Turn on! Come on!" ::light turns on:: "Yes! Clearly I possess the gene of the Ancients! Go me!"

Finish you stupid show!
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I begin my narrative of what I have been up to lately(that was non-stargate related, because checking back that's pretty much the only thing I've been posting about lately) with the fact that I got up at a reasonable hour this morning walked up to the framing place to put 2 posters in to get framed, then stopped off at a garage sale and bought 2 pieces of probably not very good quality crystal(cheap! but pretty!) and a spiffy little decorative ashtray(not that I smoke, see above, re: pretty). Score!

Around 1.30pm, Married Friend came by after finishing work and we went for a driving lesson! Her car was strange to get used to after learning solely on the driving school's car, but I got used to it and we tooled around for an hour before hitting the Westfield to buy another friend a bday present and have some lunch. I ordered a vanilla milkshake 'heavy on the vanilla' and felt very noir, until the guy came back with it and called it a 'double shot' and then I just felt pretentious. Got home four-ish and have been doing a whole lot of nothing much - watched the rest of the second season of West Wing and omg, Two Cathedrals, OMG. I would say that I had a tv-gasm, but that sounds rather tasteless.

Now New Hope is one telly, and while not my favourite(*cough*EMPIRE!*cough*), a slight pleasure is gained by watching it through a prequel filter and thinking about what a machiavellian bastard Obi-Wan can be at times. I watched the new long Episode III trailer this morning, and it looks like it wont suck too much, but I have much faith in the ability of George Lucas to fuck it up royally.

Going back to last week, I saw the Goodies (Still A)live in concert last Saturday. I didn't end up going to the pre-show yum cha gathering that was organised, and while I waited at the steps at Town Hall for people, reading [ profile] astolat's Stargate:Atlantis story 'Transcendental', this part in fact )

When I heard a voice behind me say; "What's a F-15?" I turned to discover a dreadlocked man sitting immediately behind me looking over my shoulder at my palm.

Meelie: It's a plane, a jet.
Dreadlocked Guy: You know someone with a jet?
M: No, it's, uh, a story.
DG: Oh. See, I just saw you there reading and I know it's nosy, but I can't help wanting to see what other people are reading!
M: You're right. It's nosy.
::glares at him till he gets the idea and moves away::

Then I realised that the next sentence, immediately after the jet part was )
Um, yeah.
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Yo, [ profile] sinbrat, here's that sibling "couch shopping" Numb3rs fic I mentioned before:
Lost Boys


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