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And hah, I'm already booked to see it a third time this week :))
spoilers gonna wear a jacket buddy )
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because if i cant post for new star wars what is even the point??
if i won't stop me, who will? )
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ABC3, why so awesome? I had heard good things about the clone wars cartoon and they are showing it on ABC3 on weeknights, and it is good? I know! I am shocked too! I can only assume george lucas doesn't even drive by where they make it, thus fulfilling the adage that the better star wars is the less george lucas has to do with it.

And now The Avengers cartoon is on!

just prior to sinpoz I started re-reading my fave steve/tony(that's captain america/iron man to you, [ profile] alasen not like, hawaii five-0/tony di nozzo, but, huh, I would read that!) because has been posting and writing some stuff, and talking to [ profile] arysteia, is making me want to watch/read more canon.

prior to this the only issue of the avengers I have read is annual #10(first appearance of Rogue!), anyone have any suggestions on where to start? I am in the process of...obtaining Ultimate Avengers, but [ profile] blademistress was telling me Ult!Cap is a dick? Should I read Civil War? is there enough Civil War fixit fic to make it worthwhile?

I saw the 5 hardcover volumes of Civil War in kinos last thurs with [ profile] pollymel, but my ipad is MADE FOR COMICS. I downloaded the bookman app for ipad last night and tested it out(instead of sleeping!) with issues of middleman, looking forward to testing more out!

oooh! they just found cap in the ice! hah, this theme song is lamesome! awesolame? something like that.


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