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Last night I went with [personal profile] alasen to Thrilling Adventure Hour at the Enmore theatre as part of Sydney Comedy Festival and it was GREAT!

I had such a great time, the only thing i would change is that the smoke machine they were running disagreed with me and I ended up coughing through a lot of the show :(

They performed Sparks Nevada "Bonus Onus", Buccatino Business, Moonshine Holler, Beyond Belief (I forget the title, something about bed and breakfasts), 2 Patriot cigarettes ads (one with a businessman getting threatened by his lungs to buy Patriot brand and the other with Marc Evan Jackson as a nerd and Mark Gagliardi as a bully) and closed with the workjuice closing theme.

Molly Quinn was adorable as "Danielle Steele" a robot outlaw looking to join a gang. Marc Evan Jackson continues to be my favourite; i could listen to him talk all day. Mark Gagliardi used a lot of physical comedy in his performance, especially as the Egg Baron in the Moonshine Holler, and as Croach the tracker in disguise he puffed himself up. Paul F. Tompkins is a gift.

There were a couple of sound cues that were missed and mistakes with the script but it was enjoyable watching the cast work their way out of problems.

I bought a copy of the concert dvd and 2 posters - they sold out of the beyond belief one that I wanted as I got to the front of the merch queue but I got the Australia/NZ tour poster and my second choice Beyond Belief 'EC' comic book style cover poster.

I am really glad I went and now regret that I don't live near LA so I can go to Largo for TAH shows (and for live eps of "how did this get made")

Some excellent cos-players in the crowd and getting into an enthusiastic discussion about film and tv in the (unnecessary!) line before they let us in made the wait go faster.

::copying from lj to dw and backdating::
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