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cross posting from dw to lj and then also to g_t comm!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Sunday vid show!

"I want a moister, tastier turkey": State FarmĀ® - Eat, Fry, Love A Cautionary Remix (here is the original non-remixed version it is just as epic yet less singable - "I loved you...but you only brought me PAIN" an actual line)

"he'll save children, but not the British children": George Washington by Brad Neely

1 - "But I really, really wanna thank you/For dancing 'til the end/You found a way to break out": Dance Apocalyptic by eruthros and thingswithwings multifandom, apocalypses and dystopias

2 - "Celebrate your oddities, your art, your own insanity": All In Together by Odessie The Great British Bakeoff

3 - "It's in my head, darling I hope/That you'll be here, when I need you the most": Don't Let Me Down by Nestor Xena Warrior Princess (Xena/Gabrielle)

4 - "Boys only want love if it's torture": Blank Space by jetpack monkey MacGyver (MacGyver/Murdoc)

5 - uh "grunt grunt punch?": Bucky Barnes || the failing one by voordeel Captain America

6 - "I never, never want to go home/Because I haven't got one/Oh, I haven't got one": There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by ohvienna Star Wars (Han/Leia)

7 - "So the hearts keep breaking, and the heads just roll/You know that's how the story goes": Ex's and Oh's by roarkshop Supernatural

8 - "Have a baby by me, baby! Be a millionaire": Baby By Me by sisabet Smallville/Superman Comics
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::x-posted to the sinpozium dreamwidth and livejournal community::

As promised! and within a reasonable time frame!

As per my vague preamble before my vid show, the theme for Saturday was retrospective with an emphasis on the transition of vidding around 2002-2004

I started with "Both Sides Now" by Kandy Fong

and then straight into the show:

1 - "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" by Laura Shapiro. 2001. Multi-fandom.

2 - "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by alasen. 2002-ish said alasen when I asked her, posted in her lj 2003. Due South.

3 - "Polka Party" by Waldo. 2001. Multi-fandom.

4 - "Sorry" by sineala. 2002. X-Files Mulder/Krycek

5 - "In Your Eyes" by Lynn. 2001. Stargate SG1 Jack/Daniel (access is a bit tricky, follow the site instructions to get a password)

6 - "Opportunities" by Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society.2002. Highlander constructed reality/crime AU.
Uh, I can't find this online, I've had my .mov file of this vid since 2004, here is the fanfare page? SORRY!

7 - "Repeat After Me" by f1renze and sweetestdrain. 2006. due South, Queer As Folk (US) and Xena: Warrior Princess

8 - "The Mountain" by Melina and astolat. 2004. Lord Of The Rings.

9 - "Snakes on a Plane" by Dualbunny. 2007. Harry Potter.

10 - "This Is How It Works" by lim. 2006. Stargate Atlantis. Vid of Synecdochic's 'Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose'
The fanfare page for this vid is worth a read, as was shouted after the vidshow, don't read the fic unless you like crying!

11 - "Bohemian Like You" by PR Zed. 2005. Multi-fandom. (another password protected site but also available on the circuit archive here)

12 - "Anything For Love" by astolat and Speranza. 2012. I would class this as fannish meta ;)

Sunday vid show!

1 - "Wrecking Ball" by Talitha. Thor/Loki Vid Summary: Thor is a wrecking ball of emotions.

2 - "Gone Tech" by blithesea. Almost Human Synopsis: Once you gone tech, you ain't never going back.

3 - "Salute" by shinyjenni. DC Animated Summary: "Athena knows the League could use more female members."

4 - "Blank Space" by purplefringe and such_heights. Doctor Who, Master/Doctor Summary: So it's gonna be forever or and it's gonna go down in flames

5 - "She Keeps Me Warm" by such_heights. Saving Face (film) summary: This could be good. Wil/Vivian.

6 - "I Will Never Let You Down" by Trelkez. 21/22 Jump Street - Jump Street movies Summary: "You're a smart guy, and you're thoughtful and you're sincere, and you're sweet and you're loyal, and I fucking cherish you. ... Should we high five?"

7 - "we came to learn the sea" by Raven. Star Trek: TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise "You are my compass."
-Kathryn Janeway to Tuvok, "Prime Factors"

8 - "EXPO" by lim.

9 - "Centuries" by Milly. The Flash. Villains/Rogues SNART!
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::x-posted to get together community on lj!::

Hey Guys! I really did mean to post this yesterday but uhhhh my laptop cable died and so I had to wait till I had a chance to buy a new one :)

1 - "Anything For Love" by astolat and Speranza. Multifandom - Fannish meta about how friendship can lead you into different fandoms.

2 - "This is Everything" by morrigan291 - Star Trek (multiple) - Worth reading the uploader notes.

3 - "Gun" by starlightandstatic. Pacific Rim - I feel like this vid is the flip side to Sound the Bells.

4 - "Hurt" by thatfangirl. Batman Beyond - Summary: "You could have it all." Spoilers for Return of the Joker.

5 - "The Sower" by Chaila. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I miss this show!

6 - "Machine" by Yunuen. Iron Man. "I'm hooked into, hooked into machine."

7 - "Orange Crush" by gwyn. Captain America movies. Time to serve your conscience.

8 - "It's Still Science Fiction To Me" by azurish. Multifandom - Science Fiction feels!

let me know if any questions or if I said I would link to anything else!

special bonus vid! The vid I showed at the end of my non-gore Hannibal pimp is the gory "If Somebody Hurts You" by KatrinDepp.
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(backdating this and copying and pasting from my post to the sinpoz journal)

I am calling this a win as I am posting this under 3 months! A personal best!

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to like the vidshow I collated this year, and now for links!

1 - "Starships" by Bironic. Multifandom. Starships are meant to fly!

2 - "Sound the Bells" by chalia - Pacfic Rim (prepare to cry!)

3 - "Hey Ho" by thuviaptarth. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Someone's dead and darling boy has fallen on his saber.

4 - "Never Seen the Light of Day" by violace. Bioshock Infinite - A tribute to Elizabeth.

5 - "If Somebody Hurts You" by KatrinDepp. Hannibal. (it causes me a lot of pain that this amazing vid is only on youTube)

6 - "Call Me Maybe" by Talitha78. Person Of Interest, Reese/Finch. I just met you, and this is crazy...

7 - "Remember the Name" by obsessive24. Game Of Throne, ensemble. This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

8 - "The Sellout" by sisabet. Multifandom awesome ladies being awesome. This is my gimmick

9 - "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" by Greensilver(trelkez). Captain America comics.

let me know if any questions or if I said I would link to anything else!
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I just posted links to all the vids I showed this year to the sinpozium lj community here, meant to crosspost and didn't.

I should probably link to this on tumblr or twitter! mmmmmaybe later.
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Yes, yes, I know what year it is, shhh! Here are the vids from my get together vidshow from 2009:

sun vid show:

1 - A Little Less Conversation by mamoru22(Boston Legal)
2 - Drop Dead Gorgeous by shalott(smallville) (direct link to this vid removed due to issue with site, sorry!)
3 - Dante's Prayer by Killa (original trek movies)
4 - Detachable Penis by the Media Cannibals (Sandy, Alex, Gwyn, Tina, & Rache) (The Professionals)
5 -
In Your Eyes by JKL vidders(Lynn) (Stargate:SG1)
6 - Sorry by Elena (X-Files)
7 - Kryptonite by Seah and Margie(Invisible Man)
8 - Objection Tango by talitha78 (smallville)
9 - Ba Boom Ba by Charmax (Xena: Warrior Princess)
10 - A Charming Man by Gianduja Kiss(Supernatural)
I think this was the last vid, due to late running program, but my playlist also had:
11 - Too Much Light In This Bar by absolutedestiny (Life On Mars)
12 - Land by sweetestdrain (Terminator movies, Sarah Connor chronicles)

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Yes, yes, I know what month it is, shhh! Here are the vid playslists for my Sinpoz vidshows from earlier in the year:

Sat vid show:

1 - Test by Here's Luck (trek 2009)
2 - Bad Romance by sisabet (Superman Returns, DCU, Smallville)
3 - Let's Misbehave by greensilver (white collar)
4 - 3 by talitha78 (fastlane)
5 - All The Way by greensilver (invisible man)
6 - Sawatte Kawatte (Touch! Change!) by Laura Shapiro (heroes)
7 - Tik Tok by MissSheenie (original trek)
8 - What About Love? by greensilver(youngblood)
9 - Spacegirl by charmax (multi fandom, awesome sci fi ladies)

Sun vid show:

1 - Take On Me by greensilver (doctor who)
2 - I'm Your Man by charmax (multi female characters)
3 - Rebellion(Lies, Lies) by mithborien (supernatural)
4 - Superstar by here's luck (buffy)
5 - A Fire is Burning by Alex, Gwyn and Sandy (The Professionals)
6 - Too Much Light In This Bar by absolutedestiny (Life On Mars)
7 - Poison Prince by theanonsisters (Sherlock BBC)
8 - Handlebars by flummery (doctor who)
9 - Dante's Prayer by Killa (original trek movies)

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Hey all! Hope my vid shows went well! Below find the listing of vids shown and links. If you liked the vids or download please remember to comment to the vidders!

sat vid show:
1 - One Girl Revolution by arefadedaway (multi-fandom awesome ladies)
2 - Poker Face by talitha78 (remaster by kuwdora) (trek 2009)
3 - Feel It In My Bones by greensilver (vampire diaries)
4 - Let's Misbehave by greensilver (white collar)
5 - All The Way by greensilver (invisible man)
6 - Brothers In Arms by Andraste(babylon 5) (otherwise known as, the one that I hissed at the screen during)
7 - Gay or European? AKA There! Right there! by TIzumis (x-men: first class)

sun vid show:
1 - Acceptable in the 80s by boom_queen(multi-fandom 80's movies)
2 - A Fire is Burning by Alex, Gwyn and Sandy (The Professionals)
3 - What About Love? by greensilver(youngblood)
4 - Dry by lim(sherlock BBC)
5 - Don't Stop Me Now by charmax(doctor who)
6 - Drop Dead Gorgeous by shalott(smallville) (direct link to this vid removed due to issue with site, sorry!)
7 - Mickey by bunniqula(hana kimi)

honorable mentions! [ profile] arysteia showed 2 awesome vids:
1 - Set Fire To The Rain by talitha78 (remaster by isagel) (thor)

2 - Rolling In the Deep by arefadedaway (x-men: first class) ("ITS'S SO SAD" was [ profile] alasen's comment, so sad, but SO GOOD! POOR ERIK)

xposted to the get__together community
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All you RayK loving people have seen [ profile] astolat's amazing vid Zebra, right? If not, get ye hence, for it is of the most excellent.


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