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I am about to go buy the cheapest usb disk I can find(2GB maybe just so i can potentially use it for something else in the future) to test if the disk utility I downloaded will let me use the usb port on my 800.11g airport extreme base station to mount an external hard drive. Exciting! I would use one of my other usb drives but if I used my ye olde 1GB ipod stick it would ruin the ipod-ness of it(the drive needs to be reformatted as mac OS extended) and I don't want to risk ruining my super adorable 8GB zipzip lego usb drive.

if I am able to mount the cheap usb drive after reformatting I am then allowed to buy a huuuuge external hd to plug into it and get some cloning software to make backups of mah stuffs. I am thinking I will get SuperDuper! shareware as it will let me clone for free and then I can see if I want the full lot.

this is what I have been looking at stuff for/about for the last 3 hours. before that I watched survivor (GO VILLAINS!) and ate waffles. mmm, waffles.
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hey! random RL update: I did not win ozlotto! or any other type of lotto! I had 4 lottery tickets in my purse from the last 4 weeks or so and NONE of them were winners. It is very sad making. At least when they were still in my purse I had purchased HOPE!

in other news I saw fanboys last week, and while overall a pretty weak film, was fun for containing kristen bell and lots of nerdy star wars question which allowed me, like every other slightly nerdy person in the cinema, to lean over to their friend and whisper, duh, everyone knows the wookie home planet is called Kashyyyk!. The Carrie Fisher cameo was awesome, in fact all the cameos were good, especially the Jay and Silent Bob cameo(except kevin smith was clearly kevin smith and not silent bob), and the Shatner(sadly not eating pudding).

In the movie though, they referred to their dream of breaking into the skywalker ranch as their deathstar. I find this metaphor unsatisfactory; when I find my dream I have no intention of shooting at a two meter-wide thermal exhaust port(which is very similiar to bullseye-ing womp rats I 'll have you know) in order to obliterate it. Just sayin'.


Jun. 5th, 2008 04:08 pm
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oooh, the eee PC 900 is out! WANT. I wonder when they will have it in the stores so I can see how much a difference the slightly bigger screen makes? and the storage is up to 20GB! I did wonder why the 4GB's and 2GB's were dropping in price so fast. The new one is supposed to come in black as well. Here's a good review, and the article in the smh that let me know it was launched.

and for [ profile] alasen; iPhone gossip.


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