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because if i cant post for new star wars what is even the point??

hopefully that lj cut works! anyway! force awakens! I LIKED IT! I had a good time! I love Rey! I also love Poe and Finn i was a bit ehhh but he was funny so I give him a pass! I had no opinions on ginger off train junior or snoke but kylo ren, dude, ultimate angry man baby.

I was spoiler free going in, so of course I almost cried at the thing.

things I am maybe mad about:

1) of course kylo ren ben is mad at his dad. because men only care about their dads, their mothers mean nothing.
1a) the fact that he has daddy issues telegraphs that probably he will get Redeemed in my movie theory of daddy issues heroes, mum issues villains

2) why the fuck isn't leia a jedi?
2a) she looked sad when the republic got blowd up, why couldn't she have felt a disturbance in the force?? c'mon!

3) yes, force awakens feels like new hope AND I AM OKAY WITH THAT.
3a) it looks AMAZING

4) did I mention i love Rey?
4a) I wonder if there is a deal with her family or if that was just a throwaway thing for her character
4b) in my mind, Luke was like, Ben, you will be the test case for skywalker grandkids, ::5 min later:: OH SHIT
and like, Rey is Luke's secret baby he abandoned to see if sand and isolation till adulthood kills the genetic LETS KILL THEM ALL that the skywalker clan seems to breed. hey, it worked for him
(qui gon should have left anakin on tatooine until after adolescence clearly)

I want to see it again and see if anything else hits me second viewing, it was full of JJ touches but i think if he can sustain the level of awesome or give us a 2nd movie that is empire strikes back rather than trek into darkness that will be the real test
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