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hey meelie maybe you should write stuff down so you remember what you think about different games?? GOOD IDEA

okay! yesterday played 'The Alchemists' which had a very high level of explanation and pieces for set up, but fairly straightforward game mechanics for actions, except for how we all TOOK FOREVER to take our turns because of trying to figure out the logic.
BASICALLY its a logic elimination game - you have a number of ingredients that when combined with another ingredient makes either a red green or blue potion that can either be negative or positive. Using elimination you have to figure out the composition of the ingredients and publish your theory for 'reputation' which translates to victory points at the end.

There's other ways to get 'reputation'/victory points but basically game depends on the logic puzzle and correctly figuring out the ingredient makeup - I made an error mid-game because I misunderstood the results of a potion i tested, and thats one of the other actions - debunking someone who you think has the wrong formula for an ingredient.

Once you wrap your head around how the formula element works, it goes a lot more smoothly :/

another interesting part was how you 'tested' the potions - there is an app that goes with the game that randomizes the formula for the ingredients and all players log in with the same code so everyone is working from same results. Testing a potion is done by using the camera to scan the (hidden from other players) ingredients and then you show the results on your phone.
I thought that was an interesting aspect!

[personal profile] alasen had issues with the paper the players use for their deductions - the symbols are small and the coloured background (to match with ingredients) makes it hard to see.

Basically like a really intense Cluedo? box said 2hrs to play, but I think since it was our first go it took 4.5hrs?

Would play again but would probably make myself some formula cheat pieces to work out what cancels out what etc as I had trouble with that part.

we then played a round of Bohnanza which I must admit I came out of gate hard, but it was 10pm meelie playing at that point oh no.

and then a game of codenames: pictures - I think I am more a fan of the word one? I find the image one way more subjective and really depends more on how the other player on your team thinks. Happy to play either but would like to try word one again to see if I really do prefer it.

lazy day today! need to do some laundry and currently catching up on s29 amazing race