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look at me! I have feelings too long, spoilery and slanderous towards Nolans for twitter:
westworld s1 )

I'm interested to see where s2 goes!
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As I have said to a couple of people, how did Teen Wolf become my must watch ASAP!!! show? How??

not that important, but spoilery comments )
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best phrase I have seen to describe succumbing to hockey fandom: stickholmed

work has been busy! I haven't had many thoughts this week, I have been watching a lot of reality tv!

last week the Vampire Diaries season finale made me cryyyyyyyy :(((

I have been re-reading fic lately, I really need to read books! but fic! it is usually the perfect length for my commute!

I am working on a pimp for Teen Wolf for sinpoz! be scared! also, if you are coming but haven'd paid/registered you should go do that!

[ profile] alasen and I are playing lego batman again, on and off, and the villain missions are cool! I think we have been re-invigorated by the fact that lego batman 2 is out next month - IT HAS LEGO SUPERMAN THERE IS ONLY AWESOME THERE.
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I'd be happier about the LA Kings sweep if I wasn't convinced that somewhere Mike Richards is celebrating by lovingly choking Jeff Carter. I guess its okay if they are both into it, but WHAT IF Jeff thinks thats the only way Mike will want him??? ALL THE FROWNS.

I have now watched the flyers/rangers road to the winter classic )

also, I now triple mega heart Scott Hartnell of the Flyers(process started when I watched his bid for NHL 13 cover athlete)

everyone even vaguely interested in teen wolf should go hence right now and read Darling It's No Joke by The Hoyden. futurefic au of AWESOMENESS:

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper. The guy is — god, he’s breathtakingly hot, and Stiles is just not this lucky in life. When he moved back to Beacon Hills after college, he had resigned himself to basically not getting laid for the two years he planned to stay.

my tv just said that avengers has had the biggest opening weekend in the US, yay hopefully this will mean even more marvel movies in the future!
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I think I would be more willing to watch the actual games if all the players were miked up like they are in the road to the winter classic! So many swears! ::chin hands::

[ profile] alasen was traumatised by Ovie's junk in the first ep and failed out, but I looked away at a crucial moment(proving that I will always be the cooler guy)

Just finished watching the 2011 penguins/caps and about to start the flyers/rangers, but I am a little worried as I knew some of the caps and penguins players from fic, I haven't read much flyers or rangers(apart from how claude giroux and danny brier were living together in french canadian bliss with danny's kids but then [ profile] alasen told me that they don't live together anymore ;_; )(and that the goalie for the rangers is henrik 'hair like a pelt' lunquivsstlotsofv'sandq's)(and that the rangers have a staaaaaal as well, wait is there a staaaaal agenda with the road to the winter classic? will 2013 be eric's year???)(actually maybe I do know enough!)

I HAD A POINT. Um, I think it was how much I enjoyed the first show! and the music was excellent! and how frustrated I am that googling doesn't get me a comprehensive listing of all the tracks used in all the eps. Has anyone got a complete list?

Caught up with fangirls yesterday at slashers up with other slashers? Good to see peeps! Sorry if I yelled at anyone! Or made fun of their fandom choices! Wait, I'm not sorry about that second one! ;P

I did say that I would make a hockey player attractive post at some point, like, one that is (supposedly) objective and one that is subjective! Like, ranking them according to ME! the problem I see with this is that objective vs subjective is harrrrrd. like, the russians! they are for the most part objectively fug, yet so adorbs! Also rookies. They are cute, but also they are fetus(fetuii?) and therefore there is an edge of wronginess. like i said, harrrrrrrd.

today I am CLEANING ALL THE THINGS. or at least, cleaning things until I get bored and sit around and read fanfic, so you know, 20% cleaning, 80% fanfic reading. As it should be.
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I needed something to watch while eating breakfast(the videos on rage had moved on from nirvana and pearl jam to bands I did not know and batman brave and the bold hadn't started yet) so I chucked on ep1 of survivor all stars(my ultimate comfort season!) and it is really interesting to see how not-stupidly young they all are! compared to recent seasons where you have people who are Old(and cranky!) and people who are Young(and dumb!) and no real middle ground. Remember when survivor casts had at least one or two vaguely smart people who weren't 12 *or* completely over the hill?

spoilers for current season )
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what is "Outcasts" o mighty flist? I just saw an ad for it on ABC while waiting for doctor who to start("the doctors wife" worth watching again on free to air!)

anyway, "outcasts"! what is it? It looked like it was set in space! already meets one of my requirements for interest! Also, leeeeeeee adaaaaaaama! actually, that could be either a plus or a minus depending on how whiny/daddy issued he is.

ugh, they are showing the US version of doctor who with the stupid amy pond explains the doctor to people who have lived under rocks for 20 years and not behind their sofa, hiding from the daleks/cybermen/omg did you see that tiny doll? THE MASTER!
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my doctor who watching was delayed till just now due to staying up till 5am reading "Blackout" by Connie Willis and sleeping till midday as a result. LONG WEEKENDS RULE!

dr who: 6x01 the impossible astronaut )

And now! Where is my copy of "All Clear"?
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in conclusions: AWESOMECAKES.
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currently i am eating dinner while watching s3 of the amazing race while I consolidate old data cds onto dvds. cds! soooooo 2004! anyway, I have already gotten rid of a huge spindle and now the really tough job of sorting out dvds into proper seasons(for example, when os I would burn like crazy to make room for more shows - resulting in dvds that have about eps of 5 different shows on them.

it might be easier to dl some new dvd rips of some of these shows but where is the honour in that?

I have minor allergies to dust, mould and animal dander; my mum's house contains all three in enormous quantities. While visiting her today (and lending her s3 of due south, she is having a revival) my breathing got so bad that I coughed all the way home and then threw up frothy mucus. It was gross. but I am ok now!

/my exciting day!

re: TAR s3: flo, how are you so awful? I am totally watching s5 after this, MY OX IS BROKEN!!!1!
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spn 5x22 'swan song' )
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seriously, is there any fic for this fandom that isn't on I was staying away from the fandom until I was current, but now I need fic. ::cough:: damon/elena plz k thx? ::cough:: Where do all the cool kids who're into TVD hang out?
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there is something wrong with my exercise bike - the other night it started making screechy metal noises and got progressively harder to pedal, so I took it apart today and WD-40'd everything in there and it worked(not well, but worked) for about 30km and now it has crapped out again :( :( :( I am only allowed to watch hours of tv if I am on my bike! How am i supposed to finish watching the vampire diaries up to current if my bike is broken(my current obsession - I have just finished ep 15, and IT IS AWESOME!)? How am I supposed to watch my other shows? this sucks. is there even such a thing as an exercise bike repairmen?

okay I suppose I should actually sleep or something, but there is that dean/castiel fic to read that I have open...


Jul. 7th, 2009 10:23 pm
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I went over the road to steal torchwood from [ profile] alasen!torchwood! )
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a couple of weeks ago I started getting these itchy red marks at the outside corner of my eyes - I couldn't figure out what it was(am I crying acid tears in my sleep?) and then it stopped but then it happened again today :(

but! I got an awesome manicure and pedicure today, got Hot Fuzz for $9 and saw my niece so I am calling it a win.

I was trying to sort out some comics and crap (trying to de-clutter!) but have decided that I am sick of it for now - will look at it all later and sort which ones to sell (seriously, what was I thinking buying predator vs judge dredd?) for now I will return to my viewing of eps of The Mentalist
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since most of my shows have finished their seasons I am going back and catching up on my tier 2 shows - you know, the ones that don't quite make it to MUST WATCH NOW status. Criminal Minds marathon last week, Lie To Me after work earlier this week, Life the last few days and now I am back to the Mentalist, which I was considering dropping permanently after a couple of rotten eps, but I am watching from 1x14 now, and Cho! Your sexy arms and deadpan face! How could I have ever considered leaving you?
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I am totally not reading my reading page on dreamwidth. If i was inclined, maybe I would set up a circle/filter/something so I could just read the peeps I know aren't crossposting everything to lj. BUT I AM LAZY!

in other news, the mp3 I stole my ringtone from is playing on my ipod dock and it is very hard to stop myself getting up and finding my phone.

in other other news: I was reading a ton of due south this past week(well, until my bookmooched romance showed up yesterday) and I totally want the due south/dead zone fusion where ray k is all awesome and like fraser is some kind of moosh of walt/sarah. IT WOULD BE AWESOME. Do not make ray kick you in the head with HIS PSYCHIC POWERS.

here is a rec: last night i stayed up too late reading this torchwood fic in which Ianto loses the last 4 years of his memory - The Theory of Two Centres. Links to all parts at the end of the first.


May. 4th, 2009 10:41 pm
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The Amazing Race! This season doesn't suck!FINAL THREEEEEEE!!! )

In other news: today at work didn't suck! I am sure that it wont be a continuing trend though. ALSO: Rock Band addictiveness is addictive! I was just going to do 1 or 2 drumming songs and then I completed Easy and thought, hmm I want to create a new singer and so I did and while I was singing 'Maps' by the yeah yeah yeahs there was a knock on my door which I answered while still singing! and it was [ profile] alasen! and we played some stupidly hard songs in medium!


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