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In honour of finally watching spn last night I am wearing the awesome 'mtllcr' tshirt ms nerd gave me :)

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May. 18th, 2009 09:52 pm
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my throat, it hurts :(

I made some garlic spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread and juice(but not garlic juice!) and watched '30 days of night' which was pretty good! I think I would like to read the graphic novel, but probably not buy it.

Supernatural is on tv, but it is an episode sadly lacking in Castiel. speaking of Castiel, I have just started reading me some dean/castiel(thank you spn finale!) but have discovered an insta-squick in the form of any story in which dean says 'my angel'. Yeesh.
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Now I can read everyones posts!

spn 4x01 )

Today was another jam-packed day! Not! But! I did get a compliment on the tegan and sara t-shirt I was wearing(my purple knife going in shirt with lots of knives on it) and I started and finished reading my library book - "Microtrends - Surprising Tales of the Way We Live Today" - It's not a particularly fast read but I really didn't have much to do today. I found it very interesting and the sections were bite-sized enough not to get too loaded down with boring-ness. Some of the groups he identifies surprised me and I was able to slot a few people into the trends(Young Knitters for instance, and terrifyingly, one of my brothers is technically a Dutiful Son) Very US focused, but with a short international section.

And then I continued on reading "The Gift Of An Enemy" - mmmm, old school x-files mulder/krycek! Last night I was in the mood for reading Psychos in Love(I was looking at Heartsick in the bookstore and the chick at the counter said it was awesome and I've seen it recced on flist but I was strong and I will get it from the library. huh, look how cheap it is at amazon...No. NO! I have too many books already that I need to get home somehow!)

What was my point? Psychos! In Love! Why aren't there more stories like that? But with happy endings! I want my crazy psycho killers to be happy!


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