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huh, I just wrote the subject line and thought, what does tribulations actually mean? which is stupid as I KNOW what it means. does anyone actually just use tribulations in a sentence without trials in front of it though?

speaking of trek(which I kinda was which the trek nerds would have already gotten); last night [ profile] alasen and i continued our watching of every ncis episode ever and last night had trip and tuvok! awesome! If michael dorn had been in it as well he would have counted for next gen *and* ds9 and it would have been 4/5 trek franchises represented!

anyway, job hunting/being a waste of space continues - I had a 2nd interview today that went well, will hear by end of the week(the other one that I thought went really well ended up emailing me saying I was unsuccessful - I didn't see the email for a few days though as it had ended up in my spam folder :( oh well)

I am either going to continue re-reading paladin of souls (I don't know how I always manage to forget how AWESOME ista is; I love caz, I do, but I think I love paladin of souls more just for Ista. Rock on mature lady main character, ROCK ON) or finish watching s1 of 'Life'. Decisions, decisions!

actually, I started reading paladin as I want to catch up with the sharing knife series, and have been feeling bujold-y (bujold-ish?) since reading the long very adventuresome vorkosigan yuletide story Tides of Stars (Part I, intermission, Part II) - it's a good romp with a couple of problems, but mostly overcome by the fairly awesome time travel plot. It also does well in comparing how much Miles has matured.
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I am watching 'Star Trek: First Contact' for the umpteenth and Lily just accused Picard of getting all Ahab on the Borg and is shouting at him to blow up the damn ship and Picard loses it, smashing a phaser rifle into the awesome Enterprise trophy cabinet of useless models and I'm just sitting here wondering what the hell's happening out on the Bridge:

Can they hear the shouting? Are they just sitting there, looking at each other, thinking You go in and see what's happening! No, *you* go in and then they hear the smashing noise and they just keep sitting there avoiding eye contact. Awkward

Also, I want the AU where they do end up having to settle on a lame(and I bet cold) island on 21st Century Earth. Bleak! yet potentially excellent.


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