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I watched sga 5x04 "daedalus variations" this morning and it put me in the mood to finally watch stargate: continuum )
Also! Today while I sat around the house feeling like death warmed up(stupid cold!) I watched an ep of Dark Angel! Oh, season 1! You were the better season and yet your lack of Dark Alec means I can never love you best! and then there was an ep of Roswell with Darla from Angel in it, but it was painful so I had to turn it off.
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I have a closing shift tonight and so have been spending my time today catching up on sg1:

spoilers ho! )

only 3 more eps to watch :(
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Tonights random SG1 episode was Absolute Power. Work that evil mojo, Daniel! I had been making vaguely forward jumps season wise, but now I feel a detour must be made back to season two and Need.

Have I mentioned recently my love for [ profile] sga_flashfic? 'cause I have love. Today's love takes the form of
"Buoyancy", by Nestra, "Drown Fear in Goblets" by Brighid
and "Can't Have One Without The Other", by astolat. Mmmm McKay/Sheppard.

c'mon Battlestar! Hurry up and be on! Even with the sound muted this stupid Rebecca Gibney psychics making stuff up about crimes show is annoying! I want my robots!

Embarrassing things said by myself today(well, two of them. I'm sure there was more):
* Loudly, in a crowded food court after dropping my chocolate muffin; "SHHHHIVERS!" Because I am, in fact, 10 years old.
* Tonight, alone in my unit waiting for the light to turn on and it taking a little while longer than usual; "Turn on! Come on!" ::light turns on:: "Yes! Clearly I possess the gene of the Ancients! Go me!"

Finish you stupid show!


Mar. 3rd, 2005 11:12 pm
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Oh, GAG, my tv! Shut up! Mouth no more of this horriblespoilers for sg1 'Threads' )


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