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Uh, heads up guys, my private locked as well as my public pinboard links are flowing through the rss feed. So, like, if you have a similar set up for reccing maybe wait till I get an email back from the pinboard guy.

Unless you use your private locking for completely unshameful things. I am super glad the only ones that came through are the wips I am tracking.
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I have a new rss feed set up for my pinboard recs! if you wish my ham-handed tagging and reccing delivered fresh to your friends list at whatever pre-scheduled time lj checks it(apparently Next check: 2011-10-02 07:14:53!) at you can find it at [ profile] meelie_pins

::checks the old delicious feed:: I know at least 9 of you may be interested!
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i boughts me a pinboard like 934675376453645934 million other disgruntled delicious users.

I let alasen do all the heavy lifting("explain to me how it is the same! and how it is different!") and now I am here! so like, subscribe to me? or something?

the first thing I have done is created me some fake subscriptions - if you want to look at all the links tagged 'erik/charles' you put in and then save that url. Insert desired pairing name and away you go! I currently have and

oh, now I need to update all my bookmarklets. ugh too hard, tomorrow! I'm gonna watch some tv and not think about the dream I had the other morning about delicious adding gambling ads to the website(the only way things could get worse, according to my subconscious)


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