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because if i cant post for new star wars what is even the point??
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need to post more! probably won't!

I say cap 2 on the 4th April, loved it! loving the fic and getting into a new pairing.
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saw Dredd (non-3D!) today! I enjoyed it! mmmm karl urban's stubbly chin! )


Aug. 17th, 2012 08:21 pm
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I saw the bourne legacy this week, and it was okay! apart from using the word science too much and doing things that were not science. Jeremy Renner fought a wolf? IDK it was okay? but mainly it just made me want to watch the original trilogy so I just busted out the dvds(they were still in the plastic) and I have just been asked if I want to 'play the theatrical movie' or 'play the explosive extended edition'


in other news - I want to see Total Recall, I got the trailer for 'Looper' before Bourne and got excited, and there was something else I was going to say.
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sydney film festival! I get the emails and then think none of the films sound interesting! except for this one: Safety Not Guaranteed

anyone interested in coming with? saturday 17th at State Theatre, looks like only dress circle is left, $23 each

trailer on youtube
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I saw battleship last night.

this review sums it up best, but see, I like explosions. My problem was I was enjoying it in a ridiculous GI Joe kind of way, there were some good one liners! and SkarsgÄrd made up for the fact that when Taylor Friday Night Lights was wearing a hat and sunglasses I literally couldn't tell it was him. But then! they did something so unbelievable(in a movie full of stupidly unbelievable things that my enjoyment stopped and my pain began.

(the actual tipping point for me) )

and then at the end, people in the audience CLAPPED. reader, I shouted at them.("why would you applaud that? WHY" is what I shouted) AND SO THEY CLAPPED MORE.
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I think I was telling people about this the other day(and then promptly forgot!) - x-men first class trailer set to images from My Little Pony - X-Ponies First Class: Pinkamina's School For Gifted Fillies. Here's the official trailer to compare
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had a good day today, despite having time related anxieties(eg food taking too long WE HAVE TO GET TO THE CINEMA ON TIME WHAT IF THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME THEY START AT THE ADVERTISED TIME PS I NEED TO PEE)

Met Childhood Friend and her work friend D at the MCA steps to get the free ferry over to Cockatoo island to see the Biennale installation artworks - some really interesting works! I really liked the exploding car piece

and there was an AMAZING video piece with huge screens showing 3 different scenes or 'parts' in the round with classical music playing. AES+F :The Feast of Trimalchio.

Creepiest was the G8 "summit" piece which was horribly lifelike wax figures dead communist leaders in glass coffins, including a BREATHING wax version of Fidal Castro who is in a hospital bed, not in a glass box - seriously, you walk up to him and then you hear this noise and you lean closer and you HEAR HIM BREATHING and then you notice that HIS BEARD IS MOVING and HIS CHEST IS MOVING UP AND DOWN. still! it could have been a real person laying there instead of fakery, but still CREEPY AS FUCK. and the piano slave which will freak you the fuck out when the piano is found guilty and is dropped from the gallows.

and then, ferry back to walsh bay(as D was feeling seasick) and a walk to pyrmont and food at Grill'd, which was delicious, but took AGES and I was watching the clock and watching the clock and getting a little worried that we would be late to the IMAX. so we ate, and powerwalked through the HUGE crowds at darling harbour(seriously, today was a gorgeous day and the Boat Show was on - we saw the stupid jess 'ella' pink boat from the top of the bridge) and got there to join the line to enter(assigned seating and there is still a line!) - managed to pee and then go in to get our seats, packed cinema, and NOTE TO SELF: row H is okay, but don't get anything further forward than that.

I think I picked up more on the 2nd go through, noticed more things and got more out of it. I could still happily watch it 4 more times! I have come to my personal inception conclusion SPOILERS!!! )

I am going to eat dinner and read some more arthur/eames. arthur/eames mmmmm

PS - the ladies next to me were impressed with arthur and eames, perhaps I was sitting next to SECRET SLASHERS? and childhood friend said that she liked the english one :)
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hey guys! i am having such a lazy sunday! well, now I am watching the masterchef finale(guilty pleasure! also, it makes me want to cook real food) but I slept in and then stayed in bed until the pm and then stuffed around on the internet until I made myself leave the house to get something to eat(lately my body has been telling my head I am not hungry while at the same time giving me headaches and making me feel like a hypoglycemic rodney mckay and yet I am not hungry!) and went to a cafe up the road as a treat as I didn't want to make anything. at this cafe:
1) I seated myself and had to wait for a menu
2) after I got my menu and started making 'i want to order' faces I still waited and then had to tell the waitress I wanted to order; she thought I was waiting for someone. No! and she didn't ask for my drinks order!
3) my pancakes came out fast, along with my coffee, BUT NO KNIFE!

but the food was okay, so my head settled down but my stomach was still denying that it was hungry so I didn't clear my plate. got some groceries from the local IGA, called my mum and then played A LOT of echo bazaar. you guys, it is addictive and KOL-esque and awesome.

I also spent some time reading Inception fic - I have already recced a couple on my delicious. Speaking on Inception, [ profile] alasen and I saw it yesterday afternoon and I really liked it. I have questions and confusion but pretty! and smart! and CONFUSING! but good! I will speak no more as not to spoil, but I only spoke twice during the movie(I judge a movie by how often I talk to the person seeing the movie with me making my own jokes to improve mst3k style!) first time was to say I'M SO CONFUSED and second was to rub 2 fingers together indicating the fact that 2 characters should make out IMMEDIATELY.

it has the meelie seal of approval!

what else? Okay, i finally started reading books again(drawback of iphone - I stopped reading my real books!) I would love to do decent book reviews but I am really bad at describing why i like books! anyway, just so I don't forget:

booooks )
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tonight childhood friend and i saw legion )
in conclusion! probably you should hire it on dvd! don't pay $17! but if you do, greater union/event have coffee crunch choc tops that are yum!

but! one of the previews was for the new predator movie, which i didn't know had adrien brody in it! it actually looked pretty good, considering how they have messed up the franchise hopefully this is a good reboot.

also! i was looking closer at the hawaii five-o series and the pilot is written by the trek reboot guys which explaned a lot of the feel of the clip i saw.

and! I am spammy lately, but I feel guilty for not talking much lately so now you get to enjoy my opinions! my many many opinions!
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just watched "Charlie Bartlett" after wanting to see it pretty much since it came out - sadly, it is not that good, but Anton Yelchin! How are you so cute? Now I think I will watch trek reboot and think about getting a copy of Terminator: Salvation and editing out all the bits with Christian Bale(way to try and make me hate John Connor, how can you make me want the saviour of mankind to die a fiery death? you suck Bale!) and have an awesome movie that is all Yelchin(and maybe some worthington, but the sucky love story will be on my editing floor). Actually, if I had minions like Misha(miiiiiiiiiiisha!) that is what I would command them to do! Make me a watchable Terminator Salvation! STAT!

Charlie Bartlett; for those who want more info: Like a badly remade 'Pump Up the Volume' but with prescription drugs instead of pirate radio. IDK.
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hey! random RL update: I did not win ozlotto! or any other type of lotto! I had 4 lottery tickets in my purse from the last 4 weeks or so and NONE of them were winners. It is very sad making. At least when they were still in my purse I had purchased HOPE!

in other news I saw fanboys last week, and while overall a pretty weak film, was fun for containing kristen bell and lots of nerdy star wars question which allowed me, like every other slightly nerdy person in the cinema, to lean over to their friend and whisper, duh, everyone knows the wookie home planet is called Kashyyyk!. The Carrie Fisher cameo was awesome, in fact all the cameos were good, especially the Jay and Silent Bob cameo(except kevin smith was clearly kevin smith and not silent bob), and the Shatner(sadly not eating pudding).

In the movie though, they referred to their dream of breaking into the skywalker ranch as their deathstar. I find this metaphor unsatisfactory; when I find my dream I have no intention of shooting at a two meter-wide thermal exhaust port(which is very similiar to bullseye-ing womp rats I 'll have you know) in order to obliterate it. Just sayin'.
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I'm starting a data entry job on Monday, yay money! so I have been lazing around the house guilt-free the last few days. I went on a mini-doctor who kick; I've been craving to watch some s2 and so dl'd 'school reunion', 'age of steel' and 'army of ghosts' and 'doomsday' Yay Rose! and then Doomsday put me in the mood for 'Runaway Bride' so I watched 'Smith and Jones' while acquiring RB. I still like you least Martha, but watching S&J reminded me I don't actually hate you(except for when you get fishy snorkel mouthed aliens killed for no good reason).

In between DW i went to the shops yesterday and got some awesome sale clothes at Mexx - a nice pair of grey pants for work and a grey top with a high collar and a scoopy neck thing. I am trying a new thing - buying clothes that are not black. Or if they are black, they are not allowed to be ring-neck t-shirts.

Also, Iron Man rocks - I started out the week reading the ton of movie based fanfic that has been sprouting, but then somehow I ended up reading this awesome Civil War fix Tony Stark(Iron Man)/Steve Rogers(Captain America) that is 1) awesome, 2) really long 3) has an amazing canon comic book background and supporting cast(seriously, as I was always more on the x-men side of the marvel universe wikipedia was my friend and I kept getting distracted).

And there were 2 sequels and the 2nd sequel is one part away from being complete and now I think I can't read iron man movie fic right now, because clearly tony's heart belongs to capt america! Start here with part 1(of 13!) of Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption by [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon

okay, back to Runaway Bride. I love s4 Donna, and when RB first aired I didn't give her a proper chance as I was still all BUT WHAT ABOUT ROSE YOU BASTARDS! so I am really enjoying rewatching.

perhaps in my copious amounts of spare time until Monday I will go see Iron Man again. Hmm.
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Will finish work at a reasonable hour tomorrow. Want to see a movie. Unable to make decisions any more. Or complete sentences. Make up my mind for me, eljay!

[Poll #1017374]

Also, today I saw Harry and the Potters at the Vancouver Public LIbrary and they were awesome!.

I also bought:

* 2 harry and the potters cds
* lunch
* a skirt for $4
* some shorts from espirit for $45


Feb. 27th, 2007 11:30 pm
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LOOK I FOUND IT ON YOUTUBE. Okay, the trailer I saw on tv just now was edited better and was snappier, but you get the idea! Wacky zombie movie=yay!
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I am watching 'Star Trek: First Contact' for the umpteenth and Lily just accused Picard of getting all Ahab on the Borg and is shouting at him to blow up the damn ship and Picard loses it, smashing a phaser rifle into the awesome Enterprise trophy cabinet of useless models and I'm just sitting here wondering what the hell's happening out on the Bridge:

Can they hear the shouting? Are they just sitting there, looking at each other, thinking You go in and see what's happening! No, *you* go in and then they hear the smashing noise and they just keep sitting there avoiding eye contact. Awkward

Also, I want the AU where they do end up having to settle on a lame(and I bet cold) island on 21st Century Earth. Bleak! yet potentially excellent.
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because it's 5.40pm and I am still at work, so I can read my email and catch up on lj. I am currently at skip=165.

Tomorrow(not today;) is my Birthday! Yay me! I have already had a pre-birthday gathering on Sat night, as my birthday is unkind enough to be on a Tuesday this year. I received mostly dvds. Yay!

I bought new frames yesterday and put them in for lenses at the place near my work. they said they will have them for me tomorrow or Wed, which is why I love the place near my work! Fast!

I resisted the urge to call the Apple repair shop today, as I didn't want to hear bad news. I will call them tomorrow, and if the news is bad the blow will be lessened by cake, and if the news is good, it will be because of good birthday karma.

In the long stretches of my weekend that were not filled with presents dinner and buying things in Westfields, I watched dvds. I hired "the princess and the warrior" a German film by some of the same people who did 'Run, Lola, Run' but it was disappointing :( It was one of the movies where I like nearly all of the elements but hate how they are combined. Made me wish I could re-make it.

I also hired "Ginger Snaps". Now I need to hire the sequels.
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Went to the movies with Childhood friend and others tonight. Thankfully, we didn't see Miss Congeniality 2, which I thought was probable, instead the addition of a boy to our outing meant that we ended up seeing "Assault on Precinct 13" My god, that was a crappy, crappy movie. Pretty much everyone who got shot, got shot in the head and the camera would zoom in for lovely glamour shot of some blood trickling out of the hole. Laaaaame.

But then, home! home to the new episode of House and now Stargate: Atlantis! Yay!
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Saw 'Constantine' tonight - didn't hate it. Actually paid it one of the highest compliments I can give to a film which is not talking too much during the movie. I did roll my eyes rather loudly at a few points but I was pretty well behaved for the most part. I am glad that I didn't know too much of the specific arc they drew upon for the movie, I think that allowed me to enjoy it more. I will back up a comment I saw someone else on lj make about how amazing it is that the Catholics always turn out to have been right all along in occult type movies.

Driving lesson tomorrow! 37 more hours to go! woot?


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