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because it's 5.40pm and I am still at work, so I can read my email and catch up on lj. I am currently at skip=165.

Tomorrow(not today;) is my Birthday! Yay me! I have already had a pre-birthday gathering on Sat night, as my birthday is unkind enough to be on a Tuesday this year. I received mostly dvds. Yay!

I bought new frames yesterday and put them in for lenses at the place near my work. they said they will have them for me tomorrow or Wed, which is why I love the place near my work! Fast!

I resisted the urge to call the Apple repair shop today, as I didn't want to hear bad news. I will call them tomorrow, and if the news is bad the blow will be lessened by cake, and if the news is good, it will be because of good birthday karma.

In the long stretches of my weekend that were not filled with presents dinner and buying things in Westfields, I watched dvds. I hired "the princess and the warrior" a German film by some of the same people who did 'Run, Lola, Run' but it was disappointing :( It was one of the movies where I like nearly all of the elements but hate how they are combined. Made me wish I could re-make it.

I also hired "Ginger Snaps". Now I need to hire the sequels.


Apr. 5th, 2005 05:03 pm
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So I dropped my iBook off at the Apple Store today, after trying unsuccessfully for the last couple of days to make an up-to-date backup :(

I am making a psychic prediction that I will get it back in time for my birthday next week! Otherwise, death! Otherwise, I'll snap and do something stupid like buy a powerbook with my saving-fo-a-car money.

In the meantime, this means waiting till the work day is over to catch up on lj and my email, and casting sad, sad glances at my external hard drive when I get home because it has the whole season of BSG(otherwise known as the Starbuck show) and I can't watch it *weeps*


Apr. 4th, 2005 10:02 am
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Okay, now, after trying all freaking weekend to get the damn thing to start up, L at the apple shop gets it to start up first go!


You do this just to make me look bad, don't you? Is it because I'm thinking of replacing you with a younger, faster powerbook? You're punishing me for being unfaithful.

At least now I can backup everything, before it dies again.
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Pretty often, not every morning, but often, I buy a Spring Valley juice of some kind. It's my favourite juice, it comes in a glass bottle and the inside of the lid contains 'Liddle Facts', stupid random facts that range from the bizarre(about animals usually) to the self promoting(about how you can splash Spring Valley juice in water to add flavour!). Todays Liddle Fact is:
No. 102: Fish can drown.

Today, I forgot my lunch at home after getting up early to make it, I got rained on on my way to the train station, when the train arrived at the station water sluiced off the front as it arrived at the platform and soaked me and today, oh today, I have to take my iBook in for service a-fucking-gain. At least this time I'm pretty sure it's not the logic board. Yeah, this time I'm pretty sure it's something worse.

and it's only 8.20am. and it's Monday. Dammit.


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