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had a good day today, despite having time related anxieties(eg food taking too long WE HAVE TO GET TO THE CINEMA ON TIME WHAT IF THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME THEY START AT THE ADVERTISED TIME PS I NEED TO PEE)

Met Childhood Friend and her work friend D at the MCA steps to get the free ferry over to Cockatoo island to see the Biennale installation artworks - some really interesting works! I really liked the exploding car piece

and there was an AMAZING video piece with huge screens showing 3 different scenes or 'parts' in the round with classical music playing. AES+F :The Feast of Trimalchio.

Creepiest was the G8 "summit" piece which was horribly lifelike wax figures dead communist leaders in glass coffins, including a BREATHING wax version of Fidal Castro who is in a hospital bed, not in a glass box - seriously, you walk up to him and then you hear this noise and you lean closer and you HEAR HIM BREATHING and then you notice that HIS BEARD IS MOVING and HIS CHEST IS MOVING UP AND DOWN. still! it could have been a real person laying there instead of fakery, but still CREEPY AS FUCK. and the piano slave which will freak you the fuck out when the piano is found guilty and is dropped from the gallows.

and then, ferry back to walsh bay(as D was feeling seasick) and a walk to pyrmont and food at Grill'd, which was delicious, but took AGES and I was watching the clock and watching the clock and getting a little worried that we would be late to the IMAX. so we ate, and powerwalked through the HUGE crowds at darling harbour(seriously, today was a gorgeous day and the Boat Show was on - we saw the stupid jess 'ella' pink boat from the top of the bridge) and got there to join the line to enter(assigned seating and there is still a line!) - managed to pee and then go in to get our seats, packed cinema, and NOTE TO SELF: row H is okay, but don't get anything further forward than that.

I think I picked up more on the 2nd go through, noticed more things and got more out of it. I could still happily watch it 4 more times! I have come to my personal inception conclusion SPOILERS!!! )

I am going to eat dinner and read some more arthur/eames. arthur/eames mmmmm

PS - the ladies next to me were impressed with arthur and eames, perhaps I was sitting next to SECRET SLASHERS? and childhood friend said that she liked the english one :)
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I would do almost anything right now to be at a white spot eating their endless fries and some slaw.

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I am having one of those weeks where adding ", bitches" to the end of sentences makes me feel better. for instance - the other day I wanted to make pancakes but could not find the good frying pan! so i had to use a different frying pan! an inferior and my pancakes were burnt, burnt i tells you! so i contemplated leaving a note for my roommates all, 'where's the good pancake frying pan gone, bitches?' but restrained myself. instead I bought a pancake skillet(it was only $10!). which will live in my cupboard so it doesn't disappear. in your face, bitches!
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Wow the song as the opening theme to old movie The Blob is very peppy! and cheerful! Yay Steve McQueen!

Anyway, saturday morning and the living is easy: breakfast! )


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