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Went horseriding yesterday with the ex-housemate posse(plus one boy), and I am sore. Today, I am walking like House, but without the cane and the Wilson elbow rubbing benefits. And my arms and shoulders are achey. But! The actual riding was fun - the last riding I did was four years ago, when I worked as a camp counsellor and we took the girls to a stable 3 times a week. Had lots of fun, even the part were we were unsure if we were going the right way or not *g* And I got to drive us part of the way home! Got in some good freeway driving practice.

and now, Desperate Housewives!
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I begin my narrative of what I have been up to lately(that was non-stargate related, because checking back that's pretty much the only thing I've been posting about lately) with the fact that I got up at a reasonable hour this morning walked up to the framing place to put 2 posters in to get framed, then stopped off at a garage sale and bought 2 pieces of probably not very good quality crystal(cheap! but pretty!) and a spiffy little decorative ashtray(not that I smoke, see above, re: pretty). Score!

Around 1.30pm, Married Friend came by after finishing work and we went for a driving lesson! Her car was strange to get used to after learning solely on the driving school's car, but I got used to it and we tooled around for an hour before hitting the Westfield to buy another friend a bday present and have some lunch. I ordered a vanilla milkshake 'heavy on the vanilla' and felt very noir, until the guy came back with it and called it a 'double shot' and then I just felt pretentious. Got home four-ish and have been doing a whole lot of nothing much - watched the rest of the second season of West Wing and omg, Two Cathedrals, OMG. I would say that I had a tv-gasm, but that sounds rather tasteless.

Now New Hope is one telly, and while not my favourite(*cough*EMPIRE!*cough*), a slight pleasure is gained by watching it through a prequel filter and thinking about what a machiavellian bastard Obi-Wan can be at times. I watched the new long Episode III trailer this morning, and it looks like it wont suck too much, but I have much faith in the ability of George Lucas to fuck it up royally.

Going back to last week, I saw the Goodies (Still A)live in concert last Saturday. I didn't end up going to the pre-show yum cha gathering that was organised, and while I waited at the steps at Town Hall for people, reading [ profile] astolat's Stargate:Atlantis story 'Transcendental', this part in fact )

When I heard a voice behind me say; "What's a F-15?" I turned to discover a dreadlocked man sitting immediately behind me looking over my shoulder at my palm.

Meelie: It's a plane, a jet.
Dreadlocked Guy: You know someone with a jet?
M: No, it's, uh, a story.
DG: Oh. See, I just saw you there reading and I know it's nosy, but I can't help wanting to see what other people are reading!
M: You're right. It's nosy.
::glares at him till he gets the idea and moves away::

Then I realised that the next sentence, immediately after the jet part was )
Um, yeah.
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Had another driving lesson tonight - notes to self: blind spot checks and reverse parking. Apart from that, going pretty well. In spite of the fact that my instructor chatted at me the whole time and at one point was waving his arm in front of me.

At the moment I'm watching CSI and thinking about the new ep of House that I was able to dl overnight because it is now March. CSI:NY is on now, but Gary Sinise, I don't think you can compete with the snarkysweet, sweet love of House and Wilson.

Somewhat related, I read the warning on my packet of gum today: PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE. Which led me to a quick internet search and this site. This would be an excellent case our favourite differential diagnostic team! It has the bizarre symptoms(mousy odor anybody?) and the money symptom: seizures!


Feb. 1st, 2005 07:30 pm
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I was late for work this morning. By, oh, 3 HOURS. Because I am an idiot and when I went to bed last night, didn't put the alarm on all the way. If my alarm doesn't goes off in the morning, I don't wake up. So I sorta blearily looked at the clock, thinking, huh shouldn't the alarm have gone off by now and it was 10.30 and I freaked out. IT'S TUESDAY! screams my brain YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT WORK 2 HOURS AGO! and then I grab my mobile to find my work number and apologise profusely. The phone turns itself off. I turn it back on, and swear. a lot. and then as I'm looking for my number, it rings. It's work. Checking if I'm okay. Because I am a responsible person, they thought maybe something had happened to me. I apologise and say I will be there soon. I run around, throw clothes on, run out the door.

Luckily by the time I got in, nearly everyone was too busy to make fun of me beyond "Have a nice sleep in, did you?"

The really sad part is, this isn't the first time. At least I didn't think it was Saturday this time.

and then I was late for my driving lesson, for I forgot that we moved to forward from 6.30 to 6pm. Sigh. But my lesson went really well! My turning is much improved, and today I reverse parked successfully! 'if I had done it in a test I would have passed' successfully!
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Today I finally got off my arse and went to the optometrist for some prescription sunnies. Okay, more like, I went to look at the sunnies I looked at last week and see if they were still okay, and the girl was really nice and helpful and I asked when I could make an appointment to get my eyes checked and she said they could fit me in now and so I am getting my new prescription sunnies next week, hopefully in time for my next deadly twilight lesson. So when they are ready I will then be a little to medium amount poorer.

I was also looking at new frames, as I had my current ones for about 4 years. Of course the ones I truly, truly liked were Versace. So I think I shall keep looking. If I had bluetooth on my iBook I could show the photos I took with my camera phone, but I don't :P

Had 'the Big drive' on wed, turned out we were driving to Cronulla. Which I did! There were multi-laned roundabouts, people. Also, I merged! Well, technically I stayed in my lane till all the traffic went past, but the idea of merging was there! In Spirit!

and I'm sure I had many other things to say, but they all seem to be gone(gone!)


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