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love love love abc2 - they are showing doctor who every night and tonight was 'The Parting of the Ways'

awwww, i love old rose! I hate billie-piper-forgot-rose's-accent Rose
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what is "Outcasts" o mighty flist? I just saw an ad for it on ABC while waiting for doctor who to start("the doctors wife" worth watching again on free to air!)

anyway, "outcasts"! what is it? It looked like it was set in space! already meets one of my requirements for interest! Also, leeeeeeee adaaaaaaama! actually, that could be either a plus or a minus depending on how whiny/daddy issued he is.

ugh, they are showing the US version of doctor who with the stupid amy pond explains the doctor to people who have lived under rocks for 20 years and not behind their sofa, hiding from the daleks/cybermen/omg did you see that tiny doll? THE MASTER!
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my doctor who watching was delayed till just now due to staying up till 5am reading "Blackout" by Connie Willis and sleeping till midday as a result. LONG WEEKENDS RULE!

dr who: 6x01 the impossible astronaut )

And now! Where is my copy of "All Clear"?
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I am sure there are other things I could be doing with my time, but currently listening to Chameleon Circuit, which is a band who has written a whole heap of songs about Doctor Who, is feeling like a pretty good choice. I rec this to people who enjoy Harry and the Potters nerdy fanboy style songs, and like Doctor Who(of course):

Sally Sparrow I wrote you a letter to make you feel better about the fact that I'm gone.
I may be stuck in the past but my future is vast don't go looking for me girl, you've got to go on
don't think he's talking to you he's just on the tv
well look past the easter egg and see the reality
the angels are approaching and the front door is locked
so don't blink

Blink by Chameleon Circuit

Doctor Who

Nov. 28th, 2009 11:29 pm
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Hmm, with the sale on box sets at I could get s3 and 4 of doctor who for just over AU$100.... Tempting!

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after some things going wrong last night(insane thunderstorm! pizza place burning a pizza!) [ profile] alasen came over to watch doctor who: "The Waters Of Mars".
spoilery! for the special and for the boxing day trailer! )

and now it is time for house and leftover pizza.
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Watched Doctor Who on tv - was kinda rude and ignored my housemates who were trying to talk to me and I was all I AM WATCHING DOCTOR WHO NO I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT TO THE PUB SHUSH I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. doctor who 4x09 'Forest of the Dead' )

I also watched the Confidential this week, which I hardly ever do, but I really liked it and they talked about continuity a bit(including the recurring gag of the doctor liking a little shop in places).

and just now I watched bsg 4x09 'The Hub' )
Things I need to do:

* make better bsg icons!(actually, I have none except for the mst3k eggo icon that I like to use for bsg as it is a toaster joke! but I need a better one)

* watch more 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' - I was watching a whole heap of Doctor Who the last 2 days because if I leave the house I spend money and I don;t start work till monday, anyway, watched the end of s3 and timecrash was on my external hd so I thought, youtube! and it was all a timewasty blur from there. In conclusion, Simon Amstell is awesome.

* In between(or possibly afterwards) the youtubing and doctor who-ing yesterday I found this awesome game on Adult Swim: Bible Fight! IT IS AWESOME. I like to fight as Eve as she can make her snake bite people and Adam comes out of the ground and punches people for her! and she has a wicked punch! This is not technically a thing I need to do, but everyone should play this game! Mmm, sacrilegious!

* go through my Edinburgh Fringe Festival guide with a finetooth comb to see what shows I will go see: on the list already: Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne, Mort (play based on the Terry Pratchett book), Back To The Future: the Pantomime(Just because I hope I will get to shout to Doc Brown that the terrorists ARE BEHIND YOU!), Death By Chocolate: An onteractive murder mystery with a chocolate tasting(YUM!). And lots of other things!
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I'm starting a data entry job on Monday, yay money! so I have been lazing around the house guilt-free the last few days. I went on a mini-doctor who kick; I've been craving to watch some s2 and so dl'd 'school reunion', 'age of steel' and 'army of ghosts' and 'doomsday' Yay Rose! and then Doomsday put me in the mood for 'Runaway Bride' so I watched 'Smith and Jones' while acquiring RB. I still like you least Martha, but watching S&J reminded me I don't actually hate you(except for when you get fishy snorkel mouthed aliens killed for no good reason).

In between DW i went to the shops yesterday and got some awesome sale clothes at Mexx - a nice pair of grey pants for work and a grey top with a high collar and a scoopy neck thing. I am trying a new thing - buying clothes that are not black. Or if they are black, they are not allowed to be ring-neck t-shirts.

Also, Iron Man rocks - I started out the week reading the ton of movie based fanfic that has been sprouting, but then somehow I ended up reading this awesome Civil War fix Tony Stark(Iron Man)/Steve Rogers(Captain America) that is 1) awesome, 2) really long 3) has an amazing canon comic book background and supporting cast(seriously, as I was always more on the x-men side of the marvel universe wikipedia was my friend and I kept getting distracted).

And there were 2 sequels and the 2nd sequel is one part away from being complete and now I think I can't read iron man movie fic right now, because clearly tony's heart belongs to capt america! Start here with part 1(of 13!) of Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption by [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon

okay, back to Runaway Bride. I love s4 Donna, and when RB first aired I didn't give her a proper chance as I was still all BUT WHAT ABOUT ROSE YOU BASTARDS! so I am really enjoying rewatching.

perhaps in my copious amounts of spare time until Monday I will go see Iron Man again. Hmm.
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spent the weekend in weegieland (at a couple's party celebrating their 1 year anniversary of living in glasgow) and spent a good chunk of Sunday in the Borders in Glasgow that is, sensibly, in the centre of town unlike the Borders here which is in the middle of freakin' nowhere. So I bought books. despite having no job. but books! I bought a Mary Baloch romance(I read her 'slightly wicked' while on holiday and enjoyed so I'm giving this one a shot, even though the chick is a widow{I dislike widows in my popcorn reading}) It has a duke in it and I can't remember the title and I am not getting up to go look.

they also had the new older readers/adult book by Stephanie Meyer - unrelated to her vampire romeo/teenage juliet series 'Twilight' - I picked it up, but as it was no longer half price, I decided I would wait or get it from the library. But then I started reading it as my friends were taking forever trying on bras down the street (given the option of looking at underwear or looking at books, books will win everytime) and I was 126 pages in and decided 'The Host' needed to come home with me. I read some more this morning but then had to break to watch this weeks Doctor Who. I love you Stephen Moffat! How are you so awesome? BUT! )

it's such a rotten day today, I would rather read my book than look at job websites.


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