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my battlestar galactica theories, let me show you them! SPOILERS AHOY PEOPLE! )
You guys, I am totally loving this season! It's so awesome and the smell of ANSWERS in the air makes it more so!
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Ladies and gentlemen! This weeks bsg 4x13 The Oath )

in other news, I have completed all the easy levels in Raving Rabbids tv party and now have only the soul-sucking mother-fracker stages that are IMPOSSIBLE to get 15,000 points on left to clear. My arm hurts! and the dancing! The one where you have to dance to the Jackson 5's ABC is damn exhausting, and I just can't get the points I need!
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Um. I don't write fic but this idea got in my head after watching Batlestar Galactica 4x10 "Revelations". It vaguely relates to something in the episode, but not really in a spoilery way. I choose to blame the pseudoephedrine I took this morning for my sinus headache.

Original Character(kinda), unbetaed, gen, short: 'Kingdom Come' )

notes, explanations )
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Watched Doctor Who on tv - was kinda rude and ignored my housemates who were trying to talk to me and I was all I AM WATCHING DOCTOR WHO NO I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT TO THE PUB SHUSH I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. doctor who 4x09 'Forest of the Dead' )

I also watched the Confidential this week, which I hardly ever do, but I really liked it and they talked about continuity a bit(including the recurring gag of the doctor liking a little shop in places).

and just now I watched bsg 4x09 'The Hub' )
Things I need to do:

* make better bsg icons!(actually, I have none except for the mst3k eggo icon that I like to use for bsg as it is a toaster joke! but I need a better one)

* watch more 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' - I was watching a whole heap of Doctor Who the last 2 days because if I leave the house I spend money and I don;t start work till monday, anyway, watched the end of s3 and timecrash was on my external hd so I thought, youtube! and it was all a timewasty blur from there. In conclusion, Simon Amstell is awesome.

* In between(or possibly afterwards) the youtubing and doctor who-ing yesterday I found this awesome game on Adult Swim: Bible Fight! IT IS AWESOME. I like to fight as Eve as she can make her snake bite people and Adam comes out of the ground and punches people for her! and she has a wicked punch! This is not technically a thing I need to do, but everyone should play this game! Mmm, sacrilegious!

* go through my Edinburgh Fringe Festival guide with a finetooth comb to see what shows I will go see: on the list already: Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne, Mort (play based on the Terry Pratchett book), Back To The Future: the Pantomime(Just because I hope I will get to shout to Doc Brown that the terrorists ARE BEHIND YOU!), Death By Chocolate: An onteractive murder mystery with a chocolate tasting(YUM!). And lots of other things!
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just re-watched "you can't go home again" yesterday as I was in the mood for some awesome starbuck,spoilers for bsg from go to whoa )
and I saw that CKR is in the cast list for X-Files 2. Awesome.


Apr. 19th, 2007 01:03 am
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this is my punishment for putting off watching my shows - I started watching all the battlestar I was behind on(from 3x13 onwards) and I just watched 3x17 "Maelstrom" w to the t to the f )

and now it is 1am and I need to watch more! Good thing I'm not working tomorrow. I foresee sleeping in and making myself PANcakes.

My upper back left teeth hurt. My plan is to ignore the pain until it goes away. I think it is a sound plan.


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