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going to see the movie and since I pretty much inhaled the books I want to get some thoughts down.

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this came up tonight - here is the link to an article about the letters that you would get if you wrote to William Goldman about the scene of the reunion of Buttercup and Wesley in The Princess Bride.:

The book is peppered with interruptions from Goldman, telling the reader what he left out of the original text. Only once does he mention writing his own scene, a powerfully emotional reunion scene between the story’s hero, Wesley, and his true love, Buttercup. But it’s not in the book, Goldman explains, because the publisher wouldn’t allow him to put words into the great Morgenstern’s mouth. Goldman does, however, tell the reader that they can get the scene he wrote mailed to them if they write to the book’s publisher, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Thousands of people dutifully wrote in, who helped oblige Goldman in his trickery and multi-level storytelling. Because nobody ever got that scene. Goldman certainly never wrote one, but that wasn’t the point. The point is that, if you wrote in to HBJ (and later, Random House), you got a funny letter perpetuating the Goldman “character” and Morgenstern charade…and never the reunion scene.


Nov. 29th, 2011 10:03 am
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I am re-reading Generation Kill, then I will re-watch the hbo series(bradbradbrad! In the words of Childhood Friend)

Can't read new books on the train as I get too angry at having to stop and I can't fit books in my bra which is where my iPhone lives so I can read fic at work when the urge to kill gets too much.

My pile of books to read this Xmas break is getting taller and taller; last Xmas I wasted a day reading 'the passage' that I wish I could get back. Where is my happy dystopia?


Apr. 24th, 2011 11:50 pm
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MAJOR spoilers for blackout and all clear by connie willis ) I feel very sorry for anyone who read Blackout when it was first published instead reading the 2 books back to back. It really is 1 book in 2 volumes. I also need to read Doomsday book now, it was pretty much time for my semi-annual re-read anyway.
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hey guys! i am having such a lazy sunday! well, now I am watching the masterchef finale(guilty pleasure! also, it makes me want to cook real food) but I slept in and then stayed in bed until the pm and then stuffed around on the internet until I made myself leave the house to get something to eat(lately my body has been telling my head I am not hungry while at the same time giving me headaches and making me feel like a hypoglycemic rodney mckay and yet I am not hungry!) and went to a cafe up the road as a treat as I didn't want to make anything. at this cafe:
1) I seated myself and had to wait for a menu
2) after I got my menu and started making 'i want to order' faces I still waited and then had to tell the waitress I wanted to order; she thought I was waiting for someone. No! and she didn't ask for my drinks order!
3) my pancakes came out fast, along with my coffee, BUT NO KNIFE!

but the food was okay, so my head settled down but my stomach was still denying that it was hungry so I didn't clear my plate. got some groceries from the local IGA, called my mum and then played A LOT of echo bazaar. you guys, it is addictive and KOL-esque and awesome.

I also spent some time reading Inception fic - I have already recced a couple on my delicious. Speaking on Inception, [ profile] alasen and I saw it yesterday afternoon and I really liked it. I have questions and confusion but pretty! and smart! and CONFUSING! but good! I will speak no more as not to spoil, but I only spoke twice during the movie(I judge a movie by how often I talk to the person seeing the movie with me making my own jokes to improve mst3k style!) first time was to say I'M SO CONFUSED and second was to rub 2 fingers together indicating the fact that 2 characters should make out IMMEDIATELY.

it has the meelie seal of approval!

what else? Okay, i finally started reading books again(drawback of iphone - I stopped reading my real books!) I would love to do decent book reviews but I am really bad at describing why i like books! anyway, just so I don't forget:

booooks )
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my flist tells me that the new naomi novik is out soon! like, tomorrow soon! I want to read it and learning the title of the book "Tongues of Serpents" and knowing pretty much only the title and the fact that it is set in colonial australia just now made me think about my favourite dreamtime story that the state government made a point to educate us about in the 80's - the rainbow serpent. the rainbow serpent is an awesome dreamtime legend(I think i didn't likethe one about the frog burping up all the water for some reason, but snakes are cooool). My school had this really colourful series of books about dreamtime legends and I can almost see the covers of the books in my mind, it made so much of an impression.

anyway! so the title made me think about how different Australia really is, fauna wise, from other countries and then I was like, I wonder if the dragons are different?* And then I wondered about how terra nullius would happen with dragons in the mix. And then I thought about New Zealand and wow, I bet the Maoris have some BAMF dragons.

in conclusion: dragons?

unless, what happens is that there are no dragons native to australia, which, hmm, would make more sense ecologically, but as dragons are present in asia I think you could make a case for them making it here, or being transported with human populations, but what would a dragon population mean to the other native species and what would they eat?

in second conclusion: I HAVE TOO MANY THOUGHTS.

* dudes. MARSUPIAL DRAGONS. WITH POUCHES. i'm just sayin'
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I am getting impatient for her new full length book! The fact that "Blackout" is now scheduled to come out in Feb next year is tempered by the fact that I just found out that there will be a sequel to it called "All Clear" which'll come out later in the year. So that's good? ::waits:: ::waits some more:: Is it February yet?
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the other day while walking home I saw a kitty in a driveway and started singing 'kitty in the driveway' to the tune of "Mirror in the Bathroom" - It's horrible and has been stuck in my head now for DAYS! You're my kitty in the driveway! you're my kitty in the driveway! Is it in your head now? YOU'RE WELCOME! :P

in other news, I am on a Susan Elizabeth Phillips kick after buying some books of hers on ebay - all ones I had read before, but didn't own and hadn't read in awhile so win! and there was a preview chapter for one of her more recent books that I had rejected at the library a few weeks ago as the dust jacket seemed too humiliating(washed up ex-prom queen goes home gets just desserts etc) but the preview made me go HMMMM. and so I went an borrowed it and read it today and LO! It was pretty good! She had me at quoting Heyer at every chapter heading. It probably isn't my favourite SEP but I enjoyed it! "Ain't She Sweet" is the title btw....

What else...Happy Birthday for yesterday for the fabulous ms [ profile] sinden!

I just found a connie willis short story online: New Hat. Short, but good! And there's a mp3 of it being read on the page and everything!

I just watched this weeks Heroes. SERIOUSLY WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER?

Tomorrow is Friday, HURRAY!
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[Poll #1337556]
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huh, I just wrote the subject line and thought, what does tribulations actually mean? which is stupid as I KNOW what it means. does anyone actually just use tribulations in a sentence without trials in front of it though?

speaking of trek(which I kinda was which the trek nerds would have already gotten); last night [ profile] alasen and i continued our watching of every ncis episode ever and last night had trip and tuvok! awesome! If michael dorn had been in it as well he would have counted for next gen *and* ds9 and it would have been 4/5 trek franchises represented!

anyway, job hunting/being a waste of space continues - I had a 2nd interview today that went well, will hear by end of the week(the other one that I thought went really well ended up emailing me saying I was unsuccessful - I didn't see the email for a few days though as it had ended up in my spam folder :( oh well)

I am either going to continue re-reading paladin of souls (I don't know how I always manage to forget how AWESOME ista is; I love caz, I do, but I think I love paladin of souls more just for Ista. Rock on mature lady main character, ROCK ON) or finish watching s1 of 'Life'. Decisions, decisions!

actually, I started reading paladin as I want to catch up with the sharing knife series, and have been feeling bujold-y (bujold-ish?) since reading the long very adventuresome vorkosigan yuletide story Tides of Stars (Part I, intermission, Part II) - it's a good romp with a couple of problems, but mostly overcome by the fairly awesome time travel plot. It also does well in comparing how much Miles has matured.
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they make you spend money you don't need to! I had a £5 off if you spend £25 at Borders voucher so today I walked myself to the Borders in the Middle of Nowhere and bought myself "Breaking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer, "Lamb:The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" By Christopher Moore, "The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes" by Jennifer Crusie et al and the latest issue of Empire Movie Magazine. Which was £25.80something so I saved my £5! I probably shouldn't have bought so much, I will just have to get them home somehow, but even with the exchange rate and postage it'll be cheaper than buying them at home.

Time for bed! Stupid work tomorrow grumble grumble.
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Now I can read everyones posts!

spn 4x01 )

Today was another jam-packed day! Not! But! I did get a compliment on the tegan and sara t-shirt I was wearing(my purple knife going in shirt with lots of knives on it) and I started and finished reading my library book - "Microtrends - Surprising Tales of the Way We Live Today" - It's not a particularly fast read but I really didn't have much to do today. I found it very interesting and the sections were bite-sized enough not to get too loaded down with boring-ness. Some of the groups he identifies surprised me and I was able to slot a few people into the trends(Young Knitters for instance, and terrifyingly, one of my brothers is technically a Dutiful Son) Very US focused, but with a short international section.

And then I continued on reading "The Gift Of An Enemy" - mmmm, old school x-files mulder/krycek! Last night I was in the mood for reading Psychos in Love(I was looking at Heartsick in the bookstore and the chick at the counter said it was awesome and I've seen it recced on flist but I was strong and I will get it from the library. huh, look how cheap it is at amazon...No. NO! I have too many books already that I need to get home somehow!)

What was my point? Psychos! In Love! Why aren't there more stories like that? But with happy endings! I want my crazy psycho killers to be happy!
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I wouldn't say this is the most boring nothing to do job I've ever had, but it comes close! Yesterday I spent reading terminator:sarah connor chron fic and today I read 'The Goose Girl' by Shannon Hale(which gets a big thumbs up from me! Very nice fairy tale retelling type of thing in the way of Robin McKinley's 'Beauty'. Will have to buy/bookmooch a copy of Goose Girl at some point. note to self: liked it more than Princess Academy and the sequel about Enna looks interesting)
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Having just finished listening to the audiobook of Naomi Novik's "Empire Of Ivory" today I was trying to get "Victory Of Eagles" from the library, but alas my reserved copy didn't show up yet. It's "In Transit" bah! So I read som Southern Vampire. After watching the "True Blood" leaked pre-air, I read the first 4 books and then borrowed books 5 and 6 - but they are talking about stuff in "Definitely Dead" that didn't happen in the series like we already know about it! Did I miss a vital short story or something? Is anyone familiar with the series able to help me out with spoilers for book 6 )

I think if you are going to have shit in your book with major events that happened out of the main series, have a freaking note or introduction or something!

also, the books from the library don't have the series order in the front as they are all from different publishers. Annoying!

I have been eyeing the new Stephanie Meyer, but so far I have been strong! I have also been re-reading some Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter books, so I may be going through a fanged phase.
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spent the weekend in weegieland (at a couple's party celebrating their 1 year anniversary of living in glasgow) and spent a good chunk of Sunday in the Borders in Glasgow that is, sensibly, in the centre of town unlike the Borders here which is in the middle of freakin' nowhere. So I bought books. despite having no job. but books! I bought a Mary Baloch romance(I read her 'slightly wicked' while on holiday and enjoyed so I'm giving this one a shot, even though the chick is a widow{I dislike widows in my popcorn reading}) It has a duke in it and I can't remember the title and I am not getting up to go look.

they also had the new older readers/adult book by Stephanie Meyer - unrelated to her vampire romeo/teenage juliet series 'Twilight' - I picked it up, but as it was no longer half price, I decided I would wait or get it from the library. But then I started reading it as my friends were taking forever trying on bras down the street (given the option of looking at underwear or looking at books, books will win everytime) and I was 126 pages in and decided 'The Host' needed to come home with me. I read some more this morning but then had to break to watch this weeks Doctor Who. I love you Stephen Moffat! How are you so awesome? BUT! )

it's such a rotten day today, I would rather read my book than look at job websites.


Mar. 16th, 2008 08:08 pm
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I actually have read some honest to xenu books this past week - last week I went to the Borders in the middle of nowhere on a romance novel hunt and found one(which i haven't read yet), couldn't find the other, so bought a 'little black dress' book on impulse - "Simply Irresistible" by Rachel Gibson. It was on sale, and from what I flicked through it looked surprisingly good for a contemporary. I read it on the way home and finished it the same day - I really enjoyed it - it reminded me a lot of Susan Elizabeth Phillips with a dash of Jennifer Crusie (old school crusie that is). I enjoyed it enough that when i was at the library yesterday I picked up another book by her "It Must Be Love" and read that yesterday. Also pretty good.

Today I finally got around to reading "The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror" which I have wanted to read since seeing the unshelved review and found at the library in february and had to renew as I left it siting in my 'to read' pile - it was also good(although I think I liked "A Dirty Job" better, but I think I want to read the previous book which has the Pine Cove character in it - especially how the former dope smoking sherriff and molly formerly kendra the warrior babe got together)

my favourite quote:
"Cowboy up, Lena. You fucked him and kicked him to the curb. It's not like he stole your design for a cold-fusion reactor. You'll be okay"

So I stopped at the library to return it as I finished reading it at the coffeeshop this afternoon, as I knew I would end up forgetting to renew it and getting a fine if i didn't. And I ended up borrowing 3 more romances - "Miss Wonderful" by Loretta Chase (which has been on my list of books to find and read since [ profile] alasen recced it), "The Nonesuch" by Georgette Heyer(a re-read, but of course worth it) and another Little Black Dress imprint book this one about a woman left at the alter and her mother hits the groom over the head and then locks him up in the attic or something. "I Take This Man"
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Despite the fact that it has an awful cover I was very excited just now to learn that Connie Willis has a new book coming out soon! And it's set in space! Everything is better in space! Only 80 pages but I don't care!

Also, she seems to have a new short story collection coming out - I think I may have read most of them already though....
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I could tell you the funny story about how on Saturday I fell into a mop bucket that had just been used to mop up a weird white powder we found on the washroom floor, or about how, out of the thousands of people at the shopping centre I went to today I ran into the irish girl I know, and about her western australian roommate who was with her and how the first words out of WA girls mouth was about how weird my accent was(thanks, bitca).

Instead I will pimp to you all this book design blog I have been paging back through tonight - The Book Design Review. Mmmmm, books. There is also an lj syndication feed for it - [ profile] bookdesignrev
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Couldn't find the Bujold I wanted at the library so I finally read "Remake" by Connie Willis(as part of my quest to read everything ever written by her). It was okay, but not great. Not as sad as Lincoln's Dreams but not as good either. Poor Heada! and that's all I have to say about that.

Saw "Water Witch" by Connie and the other Cynthia chick at a 2nd hand bookstore today while out and about with [ profile] lance_nerd - does anyone know if it is worth spending my hard-earned cash on?

I needed a skytrain book for today and started reading "The Dream-Hunter" by Sherilyn Kenyon. So far it is just as I expected. Which was for it to be not very good. way to live down to my expectations!

Tired now!


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