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that would be me. I thought I had a driving lesson tonight, turns out it's next Tuesday. I am the queen of idiots. anyway. apart from that bit of idiocy, I got my prescription sunglasses today(fastest prescription sunglasses ever! eye appointment on friday, glasses tuesday! I will be doing all my essential optical shopping from this place in the future!), and my new sunnies are bad ass. Work has been moderately terrible today, but tomorrow! Tomorrow is a public holiday! Yay Australia day! I plan on sleeping! Lots!

I finished "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" today, you know, that book that everyone is reading? I liked it. Started slow, but the last 200 or so pages were making me wish I could leave work and finish it right away. But it is such a big book. It is such a big book that when people see you with it they feel compelled to tell you how big a book it is. and ask you how long you have been reading it. and what it is about. To which I reply shut up! It's a good bit! or rather I would if I had any guts. If I had any guts I would have shouted at the kindly looking Mediterranean gentleman who started talking to me while I was waiting for the train on Saturday. He poked my arm, feeling my muscles and declared me strong. and then asked if I had a fella. and where I was born. and many other things. to which I thought to myself this would never have happened if you had you iPod headphones in, but oh, no you were too busy reading! idiot!

and then I burned him to a fiery crisp with the unholy powers of my mind. or I got on the train. one of those.
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Today I finally got off my arse and went to the optometrist for some prescription sunnies. Okay, more like, I went to look at the sunnies I looked at last week and see if they were still okay, and the girl was really nice and helpful and I asked when I could make an appointment to get my eyes checked and she said they could fit me in now and so I am getting my new prescription sunnies next week, hopefully in time for my next deadly twilight lesson. So when they are ready I will then be a little to medium amount poorer.

I was also looking at new frames, as I had my current ones for about 4 years. Of course the ones I truly, truly liked were Versace. So I think I shall keep looking. If I had bluetooth on my iBook I could show the photos I took with my camera phone, but I don't :P

Had 'the Big drive' on wed, turned out we were driving to Cronulla. Which I did! There were multi-laned roundabouts, people. Also, I merged! Well, technically I stayed in my lane till all the traffic went past, but the idea of merging was there! In Spirit!

and I'm sure I had many other things to say, but they all seem to be gone(gone!)


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