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need to post more! probably won't!

I say cap 2 on the 4th April, loved it! loving the fic and getting into a new pairing.

Other people ave said much smarter things but I liked it! apart from the action shakey camera work in the first 20 minutes that I didn't like! but once it hit the car attack scene I was hooked!

saw the Lego movie yesterday and it was...okay? I don't know, it was funny in parts Batman was great and I loved that the 80's spaceman had a broken helmet BECAUSE THEY ALL BROKE LIKE THAT.

not gonna lie, I had a red 80's spacesuit lego but I used a brown hair head with mine and from memory she was usually princess leia or something.

I also feel like the other thing I have been EATING!

finally went to the Pancakes on the rocks that opened nearby yesterday, but couldn't finish my pancakes!

San Churro sent me a bday voucher for free churros for 2 and they were great! and freeeeee! :)

yeah, it was my bday yesterday, I am older? celebrated with lego movie, pancakes, a trip to ikea, pizza and cider while watching hannibal :)

I bought a apple time capsule last week, as it seemed likely my old apple base station seemed to be the reason that my internet would die occasionally when unobserved. but then it died one night! so maybe it is the modem? bah!

At Ikea I was looking at tables - I've had people over for gaming recently and as I have a sofa and 2 tiny lack tables it is difficult? But I am not a huge fan of the tables the ones that are big enough seem too big and the ones that seem like a good size are too small!

I'm also toying with moving my sofa to a different wall and moving tv but that would involve running some cords across the floor....

so exciting!


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