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I enjoyed and liked, but didn't love it. About halfway through I just kept thinking, wouldn't it be nice if there were more women talking in this movie. It fails the bechedel test really hard. By my count, only 2 named women with speaking parts, they never speak to each other at all. and one of them speaks only when in the jaeger. And most of that seemed to be in Russian.

People who could have been women and made it a more balanced film:

Hercules(the dad of the father and son aussie jaeger pilot duo). How much more INTERESTING would that have been if it had been a mother and son pilot team?

the comic relief scientists! one or both of them! Charlie Day was hilarious but still, imagine an actress with Kaiju tats! or an uptight british lady scientist!

I did like that there was a lot of women in the crowd scenes and that they were clearly working the same jobs as the other men around them, I noticed in the Alaska wall scenes and the ground crew for the Jaegers.

It was a great giant robot vs monster film. I said OH MY GOD and JESUS! a lot and it was very well done. But lately I have been thinking a lot about women in media and like I said about halfway through, it really started annoying me.

I also had a little trouble telling all the blond white guys apart at first.


like I said, amazing giant robot fights!! special effects, score and design of the film was great. Australia! 2 Australian characters! Sydney being attacked! The world (or at least the countries of the pacific) joining forces to fight monsters rather than america saving the day.


if the dimensional 'throat' was locked to the gene code of the kaijus to let them through, how did Mako and Rayligh's escape pods get out? or was the implication that you only needed the code to get in?

also, the new thing in movies seems to be going to other dimensions and nuking them. Avengers did it better.


It was okay? I feel bad that I didn't like it better.


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