May. 21st, 2017

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hey meelie maybe you should write stuff down so you remember what you think about different games?? GOOD IDEA

okay! yesterday played 'The Alchemists' )
Basically like a really intense Cluedo? box said 2hrs to play, but I think since it was our first go it took 4.5hrs?

Would play again but would probably make myself some formula cheat pieces to work out what cancels out what etc as I had trouble with that part.

we then played a round of Bohnanza which I must admit I came out of gate hard, but it was 10pm meelie playing at that point oh no.

and then a game of codenames: pictures - I think I am more a fan of the word one? I find the image one way more subjective and really depends more on how the other player on your team thinks. Happy to play either but would like to try word one again to see if I really do prefer it.

lazy day today! need to do some laundry and currently catching up on s29 amazing race
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hey hey, I'm going to stop x-posting after this post so go look for me at dreamwidth not that I post that much.
I'm also not sure if this will actually post since I haven't accepted the new lj t's and c's so ::shrug::


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